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Bi-State Development Agency/Metro establishes its newly created economic development division in 2011

Economic Development supports the Bi-State Development Agency/Metro’s initiatives for large scale community infrastructure projects as well as public/private real estate development partnerships for Transit-Oriented Development and other special projects.

The Bi-State Development Agency serves the Illinois counties of Monroe, St. Clair and Madison as well as the Missouri counties of Jefferson, St. Charles and St. Louis and the city of St. Louis.  Our charter enables us to finance, own and maintain large scale public infrastructure and improvements within our two-state jurisdiction.

Metro, the transit group within the Bi-State Development Agency, is in the midst of planning 37 TODs located along our MetroLink route. As part of this process, Metro is working with private developers to layer financing strategies and incentives to develop in and around these TODs, with a similar economic development effort for the bus transit centers.

The Bi-State Development Agency/Metro is a regional leader in partnering for job retention and creation, private project investment and large-scale public investment.

For more information regarding our economic development direction and initiatives please contact John Langa, 314-982-1418.

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