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Filming & Photography

Metro permits the general public to use hand-held cameras to take photographs, film, or video within public areas of Metro stations, transit centers, and transit vehicles for personal and non-commercial use.

Photographing and filming video on the Metro System is permitted with the following limitations:

Photographers and videographers who wish to take photos, film, or video for commercial use, or who need to set up tripods, lighting, or other equipment on Metro property may be required to sign a permit and provide a certificate of insurance 7-10 business days prior to the proposed shoot. For approval, call 314-982-1440 or e-mail:

Please be advised that security personnel may approach photographers and videographers to inquire about their purpose. Activities may be limited for security, safety, or customer convenience.

All photographers and videographers are prohibited from entering, photographing, or videotaping non-public areas of the Metro system.

All photographers and videographers are prohibited from interfering with Metro operations, from impeding customer traffic flow, and blocking doors or stairs.

News Media: We ask that you contact Metro’s Communications Department at (314) 982-1440 or (314) 486-9091 before photographing or filming. Please contact Communications to arrange an interview with an operator.