Riding Metro

Benefits Of Transit

Metro Transit serves a critical role in our region.  More than 50 million times each year, someone boards a MetroBus, MetroLink train or Metro Call-A-Ride van.  Every segment of our community, from individuals and families to businesses and schools, benefit from public transit. 

Reduces congestion and improving air quality

Each day, 45,000 fewer vehicles are on our region's roadways because of the people who use Metro Transit, making everyone's commute easier and the air cleaner.  

Creates economic vitality for our region

Metro Transit provides a significant economic return on investment to the region.  A study for the American Public Transportation Association calculates that for every dollar invested in transit operations, returns $4 to the local economy.  

Makes our community a better place to live and work

Nearly 700,000 times each year, a person with disabilities or an elderly person relies on Metro's Call-A-Ride service to get to an important destination, such as a job, school or medical appointment.

Helps us save money

According to the American Public Transportation Association, households that use public transit and live with one less car can save an average of $9,000 every year.

Reduces gasoline consumption

In the United States, public transit use saves the nation 4.2 billion gallons of gasoline annually. 

Makes it possible for tens of thousands get to work every day

A study conducted by the Missouri University of Science & Technology demonstrated that Missouri residents using Metro Transit to commute to work each $2.2 billion in annual wages - equal to more than 50,000 jobs paying more than $40,000 per year.