Riding Metro

Bike & Ride

MetroBus vehicles in Missouri and Illinois are equipped with a two-bicycle capacity bike rack, available on a first-come, first-served basis.Combining your bicycle with Metro transit is an environmentally friendly way to commute to work, school or other destinations around the region -- and can help you save money and stay physically active. In addition, many MetroLink stations and MetroBus routes connect to bike trails throughout the area. While riding on the transit system, you can store your bicycle on MetroBus bike racks, bring your bicycle onboard MetroLink and park your bicycle at one of our station bike racks.

Bicycles on MetroLink

 Bike and Ride

Passengers 13 or older, and children accompanied by an adult, are welcome to bring their bicycle onboard MetroLink. After all other passengers have boarded or exited the train, you should enter the train at the rear door of the first train car or the front or rear door of the second train car. Two bicycles are permitted in each area. If a MetroLink train is too crowded, you may have to wait for the next train before boarding with your bicycle.

While onboard MetroLink, you should stand with your bicycle. Do not leave your bicycle unattended or put it on its kickstand. Non-electric motorized bicycles, scooters and motorcycles are not permitted.

Do not ride your bicycle on the station platform. Walk with your bicycle to the elevator, ramp, or carry it on the stairs.

Bicycles on MetroBus

Missouri and Illinois MetroBuses are equipped with a two-bike rack available on first-come, first-served basis. 

Watch a video on how use a bike rack and learn more about biking and transit

Getting Started

Thinking about adding a bicycle to your commute? Use Google Maps to map out your trip with biking directions to and from your destination, and get tips and information on the best way to bike around the region from our partners: