Protecting our Customers and Team Members

Metro Transit is here to safely get you where you want to go. It’s safe to say your home is the cleanest it’s ever been. We’ve also been working hard to take care of our housekeeping. You’re going to see us differently—not only do our buses, trains and vans look cooler, they’re cleaner and safer, too. We’re happy to see you again from the driver’s seat.


Metro Transit has made changes to its operations to help protect riders and employees on the transit system.

Metro has made adjustments to transit operations and services to better protect operators and passengers, and to minimize potential exposure to COVID-19. We are very sensitive to the heroic efforts our MetroLink, MetroBus and Metro Call-A-Ride operators are making every day to serve our community during this crisis. In addition to the measures listed below, we are providing all transit operators with masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment, limiting passenger loads on buses, installing polycarbonate shields around the operator cabs on all buses, and making changes to MetroBus service that better meet ridership demands and support social distancing.

3 images of Metro employees cleaning transit vehicles and other safety measures.

  • Enhanced cleaning & disinfecting of Metro facilities and vehicles (see below).
  • Hand-washing stations have been installed for our riders at the North Hanley, Rock Road, Delmar Loop, Shrewsbury-Lansdowne I-44, Maplewood-Manchester, Brentwood I-64, Richmond Heights, Clayton, Forest Park-DeBaliviere, Central West End, Grand, Civic Center, 8th & Pine, Convention Center, 5th & Missouri, Emerson Park, Fairview Heights and Belleville Transit Centers.
  • Cash fares are temporarily suspended on Metro Call-A-Ride to minimize interactions and exposure.
  • Paper transfers and two-hour passes have been temporarily suspended to minimize exposure and physical exchange of fare media.
  • Launched a mobile fare option for riders that is visually validated and requires no physical exchange of fare.
  • All buses are limiting the number of passengers that can be on board at one time.
  • All MetroLink passengers may board/exit trains using all doors except for the first door located near the operator.
  • All riders must stand behind the orange or yellow line to maintain social distancing.
  • All Metro Transit and Bi-State Development employees must participate in a temperature screening before they begin work or operate Metro vehicles.
  • Indoor access to Transit facilities & MetroStore are temporarily suspended.
  • Educational signs and audio announcements on social distancing, “slowing the spread”, wearing face coverings and essential traveling are in place throughout the transit system.

Disinfecting and Cleaning the System

MetroBus, MetroLink and Metro Call-A-Ride vehicles are being sanitized every night with disinfectants and cleaning agents that are CDC-approved to fight COVID-19. Our team is also working throughout the day to clean vehicles and high-touch surfaces at transit centers and stations.

3 images of metro employees sanitizing vehicles and surfaces.

  • During operation, any vehicles with unsanitary conditions are removed from service for disinfecting.
  • Wiping down and disinfecting high-touch surfaces on Metro vehicles and at transit centers and MetroLink stations.
  • Please keep in mind though, as soon as someone touches one of the surfaces, it is no longer disinfected.

Metro Transit will continue to closely monitor operations, and will make any necessary adjustments to support the health and safety of transit operators and riders during the pandemic. Transit riders who have questions or require assistance are encouraged to call or text Metro Transit Information at 314-231-2345 (phone) or 314-207-9786 (text), Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Stay informed on the latest updates at metrostlouis.org/health.

COVID-19 Impact / Confirmed Cases

Updated 9/28/2020


• The number of COVID-19 positives is cumulative, and reflects all positive tests since March 2020.

• Employees having had close contact with these individuals are notified and asked to quarantine / monitor for symptoms.

• In addition, facilities and areas where potential exposure occurred are sanitized and disinfected using CDC guidelines.

• Metro Transit / BSD only reports confirmed cases involving our employees. Contractors and members of the general public are not included in Metro Transit / BSD’s public reporting of COVID-19 cases

• For Metro Transit / BSD’s reporting purposes, a case is considered “confirmed” upon receipt of documentation from public health authorities or an employee’s medical provider.

*COVID-19 Related Absences include: BSD ordered quarantine | Healthcare Provider ordered quarantine | Employee self-quarantine | Caring for Child / Individual with COVID-19 (EPSLA), and Child Care (EFMLEA / PHEL)