Metro transit looks forward to continued growth and innovation in the future. Below, read what we have planned for the next several years, and beyond.

Moving Transit Forward is a comprehensive, thirty-year plan for transit improvements, which will help keep the St. Louis region a great place to live, work, and play. Thanks to the input from thousands of regional leaders, businesses, and citizens, Metro created Moving Transit Forward with three goals in mind: Providing and enhancing transit service in the near and long-term, retaining existing riders while attracting new ones, and increasing the overall efficiency of the St. Louis regional transit system.

Rapid Transit Connector Study

The St. Louis Rapid Transit Connector Study will identify two options for bus-based rapid transit routes to serve travel needs between Downtown St. Louis and neighborhoods and job centers in suburban areas of St. Louis County. These new BRT services will be designed to provide fast and frequent, all-day, two-way connections between people and jobs in St. Louis County and the City of St. Louis. The project will analyze the costs and benefits of four potential corridors in order to pick the two most likely to meet the study’s goals; those two projects will then need to compete for Federal funding to support construction and implementation.

This study is a step forward for Metro’s long-range plan, Moving Transit Forward. It will advance community goals that guided the long-range plan, including:

  • Better connecting people to jobs and other economic opportunities
  • Expanding Metro’s premium transit services into new communities and new markets
  • Supporting and encouraging economic and workforce development, expanding employer access to a broader workforce
  • Retaining existing riders while attracting new ones
  • Strengthening neighborhoods
  • Expanding the quality and efficiency of the Metro Transit System

Download the Moving Transit Forward Plan