July 20, 2009

Add Your Voice to the “Renewing the Region” Survey

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From East-West Gateway Council of Governments:

East-West Gateway has initiated a conversation about the future of the St. Louis metropolitan area. The purpose of the initiative is to develop broad goals to guide planning and policy decisions for a healthy future. While the underlying impetus for the project is to inform our long-range transportation plan, the scope is broader than transportation. Decisions about transportation investments are strongly connected to larger civic questions of land-use, fiscal health and business growth; a better understanding of these broader questions will help East-West Gateway make more informed transportation decisions. We also believe the time is right to open the conversation to a broad constituency around the region to discuss strategies for the challenges we face over the next 25 years.

At this early stage, East-West Gateway is inviting a diverse group of individuals to complete a short survey that will help identify the major challenges facing the region and the key regional strengths from which we can build for a more prosperous future. The questionnaire should take less than five minutes to complete and can be found here.

The results will be posted on the East-West Gateway Web site at the end of July. The survey results will be used to frame the conversation over the coming months. If you are interested in receiving e-mail updates on the project as the process moves forward, please e-mail East-West Gateway at [email protected].

You heard them people!  Voice your opinion on what you think are the strengths and weaknesses of the St. Louis region, and what you think we need to work on for St. Louis’ future.

[UPDATE: Link broken before; fixed now.]

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