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Adjustments to Service Restoration, One Week Later

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As happens with any substantial changes in transit service, Metro and our customers are still getting used to the changes and we’re making some adjustments as we get feedback. During the first week since the final phase of Restoration 2010 launched on Aug. 30, we identified several areas of change, especially early morning and late night trips.  Please review the following list of changes to Missouri MetroBus routes:

#30 Soulard: One early AM trip planned to start from Civic Center at 4:51 a.m. has been extended to start from Shrewsbury at 4:03 a.m.

#34 Earth City: One early AM trip added from North Hanley to Lambert Airport for TSA personnel.

#36 Spanish Lake: One early AM trip added to Start from Airport Rd to improve access to the North Hanley Station for connections.

#44 Hazelwood: Two early AM trips added to start from Lindbergh & Waterford to Florissant Valley Community College to facilitate access to connecting routes.

#47 North Hanley: At the request of Lighthouse for the Blind Industries, extended one additional AM trip and One additional PM trip to serve the LHB Industries.

#48 South Lindbergh: At the request of ridership, a late night trip has been added at 11:35 p.m. from the Catalan Loop to Veterans Hospital for Weekday and Saturday.

#57 Maplewood Wildwood:
Select trips have been shifted to provide better train-bus connections at Maplewood connections. A late night trip has been added from West County Mall to Maplewood Station.

#61 Chambers: Two early AM trips originally starting from West Florissant have been extended to start from Riverview & Hall MetroBus Center to give access to North Hanley Station for connections.

#75 Lilac Hanley: Three trips after 9 p.m. (Weekday, Saturday & Sunday) revised to bypass Christian NE Hospital since the gates are closed after that time.

These changes are not yet available in Google Transit. Since Google hosts their trip planner as a third-party, there is a delay between information submission and availability on their site.  However, the new changes are available on TripFinder and for download on

We will keep you informed if further changes develop.

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3 thoughts on “Adjustments to Service Restoration, One Week Later”

  1. RTBones says:

    Hi Courtney –

    Just a quick note on Google Transit. I have noticed that it doesn’t always pick up the #1, particularly if I am connecting to a train. If I use TripFinder, it seems to pick it up every time. Dont know if its the data GT is using or what, but thought I’d pass it along.

    1. Courtney says:

      They both use the same data source, but Google Transit can have a delay in producing results since there is a two-week window in getting the data into their system. I will double check though and see if there was a recent change, or a problem on Google’s end.

  2. Emblem Blue says:

    You guys haven’t corrected 33 yet. Its still 10-20 minutes late in the morning. For some reason its more on time in the afternoon. Maybe because it has one more stop in the afternoon than the morning (look at the schedule to see what I mean).

    You guys need to fix 33 or take off the bus stop that is now causing it to be late. That or run the bus more frequently. Whats the point in having a schedule if you are not going to have the bus run by it at all?

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