August 6, 2010 | 3 Comments

August 30 Restoration Missouri System Map Now Available

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St. Louis Metro Transit Missouri System Map 08 30 2010

Downtown St. Louis Inset
Downtown Clayton Inset

Click here if you cannot see the map.

The Missouri Metro System Map, effective August 30, is now available online. The map includes all new and changed MetroBus routes, as well as their connections to MetroLink. It’s a great resource to find out what bus routes will now be in your neighborhood, near work, where ever. You can also compare it to the previous MO System Map to see where major changes are occurring. The Illinois System Map, which includes both St. Clair County Metro and Madison County Transit, is also available. Illinois Metro routes are not changing August 30.

Keep an eye out for Metro ambassadors – we will be out on the system starting August 16 handing out information about the Restoration changes coming August 30.

3 thoughts on “August 30 Restoration Missouri System Map Now Available”

  1. Isaac says:

    It seems to be missing the downtown inset.

  2. RTBones says:

    August 16…Courtney, that is the day the new restoration schedules will make it to Google Transit, correct?

    1. Courtney says:

      It’s just an estimated date, but around that time is when we expect it up. At this point it’s on Google’s end. I will let everyone know when we know its live.

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