November 11, 2011

Blues Fans Who Take MetroLink from Illinois to the Game Will Get Help from MetroBus Saturday Night

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Construction work on the Eads Bridge will continue this weekend through the end of service on Sunday night, November 13.  During that time the bridge will be closed to both MetroLink and automobile traffic.  The East Riverfront MetroLink Station will also be closed to customers.

Blues fans traveling to Saturday’s game via MetroLink from Illinois should plan extra time for their commute.  Buses will be used to take westbound commuters from the 5th and Missouri MetroLink Station in Illinois to reconnect with MetroLink at the Arch – Laclede’s Landing Station in Missouri.

At the end of the game, buses will be waiting at the Clark Avenue exit of the Scottrade Center to help expedite travel for Blues fans who are riding Metro back to Illinois. Buses will take fans directly to the 5th & Missouri MetroLink Station, where they will board MetroLink trains to continue east.

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3 thoughts on “Blues Fans Who Take MetroLink from Illinois to the Game Will Get Help from MetroBus Saturday Night”

  1. Linda Holloway says:

    I dont know how much input u have with the elimination of certain bus stops but I was wondering about the status of the return of both the n & s/b stops in the 900 blk of Goodfellow (90 rt). Myself, my husband & daughter have called several times. The stops were in front of our apt bldg, but have been moved up to in front of a park. Our work schedules require that we leave and return @ dark, and each of us have @ one time been approached by individuals lurking in that park. My daughter was so frighten that she actually had 2 flag down a police car. PLEASE, the holidays are coming … can the stop be returned, if only 4 the winter months? This is really not a safe area 4 women 2 walk in the day, let alone @ dark. I sincerely plead 4 some assistance.

    1. Patti says:

      Linda, thank you for your input. I will send your comments to our Planning Department.

    2. Courtney says:

      Linda, we heard from Planning that they are going to move the northbound stop to the farside on the 2nd light pole. The southbound stop will move to the nearside on a Metro pole by the stop sign. Please a week or so for this to be complete due the holidays. Thanks!

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