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December 23, 2009

Bus Bridge in Place for Vandeventer Bridge Construction

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From Saturday, December 26 at 9:00 a.m. – Sunday, January 3, MetroLink riders will use a bus bridge to go from the Central West End to the Grand MetroLink stations.  MetroLink service between these stations will be interrupted for the demolition and construction of the Vandeventer Bridge.  The elderly bridge is in disrepair and suffering from settling problems.  Automobile and pedestrian traffic was closed on Vandeventer Avenue near the bridge starting December 7, and construction will continue until early spring.  Regular MetroLink service will resume on January 4.

So what is a bus bridge?  A bus bridge is a series of buses that shuttle MetroLink riders from one station to another due to service interruption.  Service could be down for a number of reasons, like scheduled construction or repair, or in the case of an emergency.  These buses are dedicated to serving the bus bridge and will not serve MetroBus routes along the route.  The bus bridge will operate both eastbound and westbound on the Red and Blue MetroLink lines.  Below is a map of the Vandeventer bus bridge route:

Vandenventer Bus Bridge Route Map

Vandenventer Bus Bridge Route Map

If you are planning on taking MetroLink from December 26 – January 3, here’s what to expect from the bus bridge service:

1. When you are heading eastbound, exit the Central West End MetroLink station to and walk towards Taylor Avenue.  If you are going westbound on MetroLink, exit the Grand Station platform and head east towards Scott Avenue (do not go up the stairs).  Metro employees will be guiding passengers towards the buses at both stations.

2. Look for MetroBuses with the overhead sign reading “Bus Bridge”.

3. You will not need additional fare. Please keep your MetroLink fare present.

4. Buses hold up to 40 people, so multiple buses will be used for larger MetroLink loads.

5. Expect some delays in travel time, and please budget extra time for your trip.  Eastbound bus bridge route should take 4-5 minutes; the Westbound bus bridge route should take 6-7 minutes in additional to wait time at the MetroLink stations.

6. On Christmas Day and New Years Day, Metro service runs on a Sunday schedule.  Schedule info at Metro’s website.

We do appreciate your patience through this process, and have safe and warm travels through this holiday season!

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2 thoughts on “Bus Bridge in Place for Vandeventer Bridge Construction”

  1. NN says:

    I am an avid metro rider (both bus and train). Today, I was frustrated for the first time with metro with regards to bus bridge.

    1. Bus drivers should be able to communicate with the train drivers. Why? I got off from the bus bridge and saw an half-empty train leaving just as we were getting off from the bus. There should be some way to sync. the buses with trains. I understand that people in train might have been waiting for long to depart but….

    2. While coming back from work (downtown to central west end), I saw way too many buses compared to number of passengers that had to be transported from/to CWE. That created congestion at the CWE station and the bus driver who was carrying passengers could not let the passengers off at the correct point because all the empty buses were ahead of her.

    3. Keep two buses on Taylor street and let the third bus be in the CWE station (waiting if necessary). If two passengers got aboard on train at same time, logically they should be on the same train even after bus bridge.

    I live in CWE and work in downtown. It took me 35 minutes today with the bus bridge. Usually it takes only 12 minutes. I might be taking the bus all the way to Civic Center from tomorrow.

  2. Courtney says:


    I’m sorry that you had some frustrations regarding the bus bridge. I will email our bus bridge communications center and let them know for this bridge and future ones. I know we were trying to gauge the level of bus service needed for the bridge because 25,000 additional people were in town for the Urbana Conference.

    Thank you for riding, and we appreciate your patience and feedback during this time.

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