November 25, 2011

Bus Stop Evaluation Program: #35 Rock Road and #58X Twin Oaks Express

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The bus stop evaluation program continues with the #35 Rock Road and the #58X Twin Oaks Express.

Please note: these routes are not being eliminated, but your feedback on specific stops is encouraged and greatly appreciated. Below is the new list of proposed MetroBus stops under consideration for removal from the following routes:

#35 Rock Road

#58X Twin Oaks Express

These stops are being proposed for elimination as part of Metro’s Bus Stop Evaluation Program to make the system more efficient, faster and allow for more improvements to existing bus stops.

Please submit your comments for the #35 Rock Road and the #58X Twin Oaks Express by Monday, December 26, 2011.

Please submit your comments for the #57X Clayton Road and #97 Delmar by Monday, December 5, 2011.

Please submit your comments for the #58 Clayton-Ballas by Monday, November 28, 2011.

NS – Nearside of the street-before you cross the street
FS – Farside of the street-after you cross the street
MB – Midblock after the street midway down

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4 thoughts on “Bus Stop Evaluation Program: #35 Rock Road and #58X Twin Oaks Express”

  1. Shenna says:

    I was not aware that the #35 Rock Road was up for evaluation. Wow! I’m wondering why?? I take the 35 because I work on St Charles Rock Rd at Taussig and I live all the way downtown in the loft area district. I used to take the 35 that departed at 6:53am but I changed because it became crowded. I take the one that departs at 6:13am. Traveling from the Rock Road all the way down towards the Mills gives me the blues. Its too long of a ride. I LOVE the route from Hanley towards the Rock Road. I’m not on the bus that long and the time I ride its a comfortable amount of people. I love space!! I’m considering purchasing a car because I’v been riding the bus for so long, but plan to park at the station and still take the 35. If its eliminated, then I will have to burn more gas and add a lot of miles. Dang Metro, my heart is broken…WTH!

  2. Shenna says:

    I have an additional comment. I understand Metro has to make adjustments. Alot of people do not take change very well. I work for a nation wide company so I know what its like for budget meetings. Cutting back to keep operation going, improve areas for the better and unfortunately there will be losses. I feel confident it will work out for the best. Too many people work out on the Rock Road such as myself so if I can put something on your heart, please remember us. Metro do what you need to because in order to continue to grow bigger and better there has to be change. ~Love,Shenna

    1. Patti says:

      Shenna: Thank you for being a long time rider and Metro customer. We value your feedback and appreciate your comments. I have passed them on to my colleagues who are evaluating the bus stops.

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