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July 24, 2015

Coming Soon: New Pedestrian Access at Brentwood I-64 Station

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Construction of a new walkway between the Brentwood I-64 MetroLink Station and the Dierbergs Market at Brentwood Pointe retail center on Eager Road is scheduled to begin Monday, July 27.

The new walkway will provide a shorter and more convenient route for Metro transit riders between the Brentwood I-64 Station and Dierbergs Market and other businesses at Brentwood Pointe.

Dierbergs Market and the city of Brentwood identified the walkway project as an important investment to improve access to and from the Brentwood I-64 Station and to enhance the surrounding area. The walkway is funded by the Hanley Road Corridor Transportation Development District and should take about two months to complete.

The new walkway will be located immediately east of the Dierbergs Market Brentwood Pointe store and will provide Metro passengers with a direct route from the Brentwood I-64 Station to the retail center’s entrances so they will no longer need to walk farther south along Hanley Industrial Road for access. A cart corral will be installed near the new walkway, making it even easier for Metro passengers to hop off the bus or train, do some shopping, and get back on MetroLink or MetroBus to head to home or to work.

Brentwood Access PROMO“This is exactly what transit-oriented development is intended to do, connect customers with businesses, employees to employers and people with opportunities,” said John Nations, President and CEO of Bi-State Development Agency. “What seems like a simple change is going to have a substantial impact, as this project will better connect Dierbergs Market and other businesses in the retail plaza with three popular MetroBus routes and a MetroLink station that averaged more than 28,000 monthly boardings in 2014.”

During construction, the existing pedestrian ramp from the west side of the Brentwood I-64 Station to south Hanley Industrial Road will need to temporarily close for short periods of time. When the ramp is temporarily closed, pedestrians are encouraged to use caution if they choose to travel between the Dierbergs Market Brentwood Pointe store and the Brentwood I-64 Station via Eager Road.

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20 thoughts on “Coming Soon: New Pedestrian Access at Brentwood I-64 Station”

  1. Philip Scherry says:

    Is there a site design you can put up?
    How is this being paid for?

    1. Matthew Hibbard says:

      Philip, I’ve requested a site design and I’ll add it to the blog when it becomes available. The project is being funded by the Hanley Road Corridor Transportation Development District.

  2. Herbie says:


    Still on the todo list:
    • Connect Richmond Heights station to Linden Ave.
    • Connect Clayton station to Brentwood Blvd.

    1. Brian Lewis says:

      Oh, without a doubt. That trip from Clayton station to the Clayton business district (or shaw park) seems almost intentionally difficult – like Clayton didn’t actually want to have metrolink riders or metrobus riders in their town.

    2. Chris says:

      Unfortunately, as I understand it, the owner of the bowling alley won’t allow pedestrian access to Richmond Heights station from the east. The best we could hope for might be steps up to the north end of the lot from Clayton Rd.

  3. Ralph Pfremmer says:

    This is great news.

  4. Michael mcmullen says:

    Wonderful news that this being put in it should have been done,long time,ago

  5. ScottF says:

    Glad this is finally happening.

    Will there be any ticketing machines near or around the west-side entrance?

    1. Matthew Hibbard says:

      Scott, we’re glad that you’re glad! At this time, there are no plans to add a ticket vending machine at the west entrance.

      1. Michael mcmullen says:

        Should put ticket machine at new entrance they don’t have one if you going west bound make it easy to get to the train if you need ticket still got to go with grocery all the way up to far south side of brentwood staion where the metro buses stop we really need one on other side I use brentwood westbound 3-4 times daily

        1. Matthew Hibbard says:

          Michael, we considered installing a ticket vending machine (TVM) at that location, but these machines are costly. Also, considering the boarding volume from that side of the MetroLink platform is relatively low, it does not make sense at this time to install a machine for such low volume of sales. That being said, we’ll make sure MetroLink receives your feedback.

  6. Niki says:

    Finally! This is something that has been needed for a long time!

  7. Brian Lewis says:

    For those of us who walk from the Brentwood station to businesses in HIC (like the YMCA), is there an alternative suggested route? Bus service is currently too infrequent to be convenient.

    1. Matthew Hibbard says:

      Brian, the #59 Dogtown serves Strassner Dr. (near the YMCA) in Brentwood. The #59 Dogtown provide a transit option (about every 40 minutes) to the Brentwood I-64 MetroLink Station.

  8. Kelly Dunn says:

    I use this station all the time. I always wondered why it was necessary to go one block further just to get to Dierbergs. This is a welcome changed and Metro should address these issues at other stations as well as soon as possible. This will increase business and make access more appealing for those who use this station.

    1. Matthew Hibbard says:

      Kelly, we’re glad that you’re excited about the improvements being made at our Brentwood I-64 MetroLink Station. We’re always open to suggestions into improving our MetroLink Stations. You are more than welcome to let us know here or by emailing us directly at [email protected].

  9. Cathy K says:

    Thank you so much for finally doing this. I have been advocating for it for years at any Metro gathering I was at and even at Dierbergs. I was alwasy promised it was someday coming, so I’m glad it will now be very soon. Won’t have to jump the fence any more when I’m in a hurry to catch a train. 🙂

  10. Andrew Bolin says:

    It is extremely short-sighted that this detail wasn’t planned from the beginning. I think it is time we start demanding that developers think more proactively about pedestrian access. Pedestrian right of ways should also be included in big parking lots of walkable communities. For example, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, and Sam’s on Hanley all need designated, accessible, walkways from the main road sidewalk to the store entrances. Also included are, Shop ‘n Save of Maplewood, Brentwood Promenade, Deer Creek Plaza and the Galleria. The walkways need to be shortest-route, take transit into mind (Galleria & Walmart) and could be put between the lines of parking spaces. Doing this would improve safety and would greatly improve car traffic as well (think Brentwood Promenade). It is amazing to me how long it took the City of Brentwood to realize that people might actually want to walk through the Hanley Industrial Court and for them to install sidewalks. TOD means pedestrian oriented design as well. If you live in a walkable community, please share this thought with your community leaders.

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