May 16, 2012

Customer On-Board Surveys Conducted Thursday, May 17 through June 15

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Metro encourages passengers to provide feedback about their transit experiences year round. On occasion though, we conduct special surveys. Starting this Thursday, May 17 through Friday, June 15, surveyors will be gathering information from MetroBus and MetroLink customers. The surveyors will distribute 6,600 surveys among Missouri’s MetroBus routes and the Red and Blue MetroLink lines. The surveyors will be wearing Metro badges.

The 2012 Metro Customer Travel Survey and the 2012 Metro Customer Satisfaction Survey will provide Metro with valuable feedback from bus and rail customers, including demographics, travel patterns, usage characteristics, preferences, loyalty and satisfaction levels, all of which provide crucial insight into who our customers are and how to best serve them. Surveyors will ride onboard alongside customers to distribute and collect surveys in May and June. The Customer Travel Survey will be conducted from May 17 to June 1. The Customer Satisfaction Survey will be conducted from June 2 to June 15. In addition to giving the completed survey back to a surveyor, customers can also mail the completed surveys to Metro or scan and email them to [email protected].

As a thank you to customers for participating in the surveys, Metro will enter all participants into a drawing for gift certificates and free transit passes. The drawing will take place in July. If you are one of the customers that completes one or both of the surveys, thanks for providing us valuable feedback!

6 thoughts on “Customer On-Board Surveys Conducted Thursday, May 17 through June 15”

  1. Robert says:

    how are metro customers supposed to take this survey online 

    1. CourtneyLS says:

       Robert, the surveyors are taking a random sampling throughout the system, so the survey (as it is counted) will not be collected online. However, we will be collecting market research from both riders and nonriders in the coming year.

  2. Buckscountyhog says:

    All major cities should have a metrolink like in St.Louis. The only thing they should do is, Enforce the ridership ticket purchases, the people who don’t pay to ride should be fined or thrown off the train. If everyone would pay no increases would be needed. Believe me there are alot of those scumbags that don’t pay. The All day pass for me worked great. 

  3. RTBones says:

    Interesting – but the jaded, skeptical, cynic in me wonders what this will be used for, and if it will do any good.  As an organization, one of the ways Metro gets better is by getting feedback from its ridership and then acting upon it.  The key here is you have to act on it – just taking the data doesn’t really do much.
    While there is certainly nothing wrong with a survey of ridership – its highly unlikely that Metro will learn anything it doesnt already know on some level.  Your normal ridership puts up with large headways, occasional late buses, lack of signage (I know this one is in work) and maps in large part because they have to.  Want to get more folks on Metro?  Start asking questions of the people who are NOT riding – the people who choose to not take Metro, for one reason or another.

  4. I took the survey, but did not put my name on it. I have no idea why they spend the money to do this on a moving bus. I believe it may be all for nothing. I have only lived in Saint Louis a couple of years now and find Metro very lacking. The trains don’t really go anywhere and it takes much too long to get anywhere by bus. If you want to improve the service, then spend all your money in better places. Extend the train lines and make the bus lines more efficient. And again the street maintenance in Saint Louis City is just awful. A long bus ride will shake your teeth loose, if you have any lt at the end… Thanks! William Callaway 

    1. CourtneyLS says:

       Thanks for your feedback, William. We do the surveys on the buses to get opinions and information from customers on specific routes and modes. Thanks for your thoughts!

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