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July 30, 2009

Dishing up Info on the Service Restoration

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I was out and about yesterday morning, performing my Ambassador duties* handing out service restoration information at the Riverview/Hall Bus Transfer Center. I arrived a little late, since I had spilled my coffee down the front of my white Metro-logo polo shirt & had to grab a different shirt; but my colleague from the Planning Department was already out there with all of the brand-new schedules ready to go when I arrived.

Ambassador duty is not very taxing, but I think it’s very important. Essentially, we just sat at a table at the transfer center, made sure people are aware of the service change start date, handed out new schedules, and answered questions. But I really enjoy doing Ambassador duty because it puts me out there with our customers, helps put a face on the agency, and gives people a chance to ask for help or ask questions right there, before the changes go into effect. It also gives me a reason and opportunity to learn about the route changes, and I always get to know the other Ambassador. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned about how other departments work and what jobs people do, just by chatting in between bus arrivals. I like that it’s volunteers doing it, so customers are meeting people from a variety of departments within the agency, not just planning & scheduling or customer service. And even though the hours are a bit wonky compared to my normal schedule, it’s nice being out very early in the morning and getting a chance to listen to people’s thoughts and suggestions about Metro’s service.

If you need information about the restored service changes, which go into effect next Monday, August 3, you can look at Metro’s Service Restoration Plan online or contact Customer Service. And who knows? Maybe next time you see someone handing out new schedules, it will be me!

*”Metro Ambassadors” are employees who volunteer for special projects, like helping people on the platforms at special events like Fair St. Louis or for handing out information on service changes, and often at odd hours – yesterday morning my Ambassador shift started at 6 a.m., which is early for this gal!

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