August 21, 2009

Ever wanted to paint a bus?

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Close your eyes and picture a Metro bus: you see the cheery red & blue, the big “M” on the front, right? But you’ve seen other buses tooling around town that don’t look anything like our typical bus. Some of these are “wrapped” buses (opens a .pdf file) that advertisers pay for. But some are art buses, and, thanks to the Missouri Botanical Garden, now you get a chance to paint one!

Yes, you read that right. As a part of the celebration of the Garden’s EarthWays Center Green Homes Festival, the Missouri Botanical Garden is sponsoring a bus-painting event at the festival on Saturday, September 26, from noon to 2 p.m. at Grandel Square. Wouldn’t you love to paint an art bus mural? Imagine how fun it will be the first time you spot your artwork rolling around St. Louis! Wear old clothes and come with a sense of fun, to enjoy the festival and the bus painting, where you can also shop at a Green Craft Show and Sale, watch solar cars race, and attend sustainable-living workshops. And while you’re out there, say hi to our Arts in Transit crew who work to coordinate these fun projects for Metro.

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