October 5, 2011

Extra MetroLink Service Planned For Tonight

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Downtown St. Louis will be hopping again tonight with Game 4 of the NLDS taking place at Busch Stadium. The Cardinals are in a must-win situation and with game time shortly after 5:00 tonight, fans have been descending on downtown all afternoon. Some Cards fans avoided the traffic and parking hassles last night and took MetroLink to Busch Stadium. We expect the same to be true tonight and the Agency is planning extra service for a second night to accommodate the crowds.

Metro managers will be assigned to several stations to assist passengers boarding the trains. After the game concludes, we will monitor the Busch Stadium MetroLink Station crowds to determine when extra  Red or Blue trains will be added between regularly scheduled trains. 

Metro asks that customers allow extra time and leave early for the ballpark if possible.  Be patient, have fun, and cheer the Cards on to victory!

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7 thoughts on “Extra MetroLink Service Planned For Tonight”

  1. Tom Stack says:

    I was on the Laclede’s Landing this afternoon about 4:20 while the fire department was removing a sick rider from the eastbound train. There was quite a crowd on the platform as you can imagine since at least one train had been delayed. After the unfortunate rider was taken to the ambulance the train was taken out of service.
    As Denise Deboe-Moore, Transit Service Manager, walked up and down the platform letting us know what the situation was, she was accosted by an irate commuter. After he displayed his childish tirade about the delay, he announced he was going to send a less than complimentary e-mail giving you his opinions on ‘how to run a railroad.’ Displaying great chutzpah, Ms. Deboe-Moore reached into her pocket and gave the man her card.
    After Mr. Crabbypants boarded the next train, I walked up to Ms. Deboe-Moore to commend her for her outstanding professionalism in dealing with the unhappy customer. I too informed Ms. Deboe-Moore that I was going to write an e-mail. Her response was to reach into her pocket for another card, a smile and a ‘thank you’ for me.
    There are many things in life that we can’t control, but we always have the choice to control our reactions to adverse situations. Thank you Ms. Deboe-Moore for be a good example and thank you Metrostlouis for the excellent service you provide.
    Tom Stack (4-year rider)

    1. Courtney says:

      Thank you so much for you time and kind words, Tom. I will be sure to get this commendation to her supervisors!

  2. dkh2 says:

    That was an excellent article highlighting Ms. Deboe-Moore’s professionalism. On another note, may I ask what, and how long exactly will the East Riverfront single-tracking go on for. It is such an inconvenience and if I could make a suggestion, can the Metrolink drivers also announce upcoming single-tracking as they do with the Grand Station being closed? There has been numerous times where I would forget or not even know that they are single-tracking and I didn’t see any signs posted on the platforms or on the trains. Although I only heard at the last minute the announcements at the Metrolink Stations, but I still think there isn’t enough warning as to when there will be disturbances to regular evening service.

    I like to compliment and offer friendly suggestions as they come along and thank you.

    1. Courtney says:

      The single tracking is to install an interlocking at the East Riverfront station before the Eads Bridge rehabilitation project. Without the interlocking, there would be much more disruption to the train during the bridge’s project, so this will help keep the schedule normalized. Thanks for your comment on announcing single-tracking; I’ll bring it up to our MetroLink ops and see what we can do!

  3. dkh2 says:

    Your welcome and thank you…any more new buses coming in this year?

    1. Courtney says:

      We’re getting a big delivery of buses in about a month, 29 total. We’ll let you know when they are out on the streets. 🙂

  4. dkh2 says:

    Ok…take some good pics!!! I’m making a replica of bus 3807 for my school counselor, when it’s done I can email pictures for you.

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