April 26, 2013

Flashback Friday: Newsboy Caps and Streetcars

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Freeze Frame! Sorry J. Geils Band, we celebrate Flashback Friday, not Sunday at Metro!

Can you guess when and where this photo provided by the Missouri History Museum was taken?
Olive Boulevard MOHist

According to the Missouri History Museum, this photo was taken in 1907 on Olive Boulevard looking west toward Grand Avenue.

The picture shows riders boarding the #330 Olive Streetcar.

Personally, my favorite thing about this photo is the fashion. Check out those newsboy caps!

The year this photo was taken, a very delicious theme park opened. Hershey Park opened in April 1907 in Hershey, Pennsylvania.



1 thought on “Flashback Friday: Newsboy Caps and Streetcars”

  1. Dave Mills says:

    Personally my favorite thing is the fact that there’s a headless man walking around St. Louis. Middle far left.

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