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November 22, 2010

It’s All In the List

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Many people can probably name large St. Louis venues and businesses that are easily accessible by MetroLink and MetroBus (think Busch Stadium or Barnes-Jewish Hospital), but what about your favorite ice cream shop?  Or record store?  Or jogging trail?   Today on Twitter, St. Louis transit fan @U2Acro posted her list of Tremendous Transit Tips in St. Louis. She listed everything from some of her favorite restaurants and coffee shops, to hair salons, urgent care clinics, and music venues.  It’s a great list for those who are curious about some of the businesses that are accessible by bus or train in St. Louis.  Or more specifically, what are the businesses and places riders in the area like to go to via public transit.

What would you put on your transit list?  Do you wish more businesses offered a discount for transit riders?  If there was an app that offered discounts for transit riders, would you use it?  Would you like to see more information about transit-accessible businesses on Metro’s website?  What role do you see local businesses playing in helping promote their available transit options?

3 thoughts on “It’s All In the List”

  1. Patrick Richmond says:

    You reaize this is how businesses can also help out. Somehow the CEOs of some businesses wants to keep that info top secret. But to no avail. I go ahead and damage the secret by posting MetroBus and MetroLink stuff on Facebook, and many other websites. Some music dealerships that sell pianos and organs prefer people to use public transit so that those dollars that could have gone to Big Oil could go towards the purchase of a new piano or organ. My organ friends loves it when I do things like this. With Christmas shopping season fast approaching, using the monthly bus pass can really go quite far. In addition to the regular commutes to and from work, it’s almost like getting a free ride to the mall! Because those monthly passes are one set rate for unlimited rides for a month!

  2. Abby S says:

    Allison is an awesome transit-riding, yelper St. Louisan. Thanks for noticing, Courtney!

  3. Melanie Harvey says:

    A new on-line tool from Sierra Club can help us promote Greener transportation options: CONVENIENT TO METRO C2M is seeking to enlist businesses and destinations who typically give only parking directions for their customers and visitors, including those attractions who talk “Green” (but don’t live up to their words…). Participation in this program includes a link to GoogleTransit. Check it out and spread the word ! Let the places you visit know you arrived without a car – perhaps even on the bus, just like in a real city ! – and confirm that the person on the front desk has current transit info or on-line access to it.

    The YELP list is fun but would be more helpful if it included transit connections, including the Downtown Trolley, or Grand Bus, or Gold Line, or whatever. St Louis is not going to be a truly vibrant place until more people get over the social stigma of riding the bus.

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