July 12, 2011

Metro Adds Shuttle to Accomodate Riders Affected by Jamieson Avenue Bridge Closure

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Due to the closure of the Jamieson Avenue Bridge over Interstate 44 in South St. Louis, the #16 City Limits MetroBus will be detoured and a shuttle added to serve MetroBus passengers on the #16 City Limits route.

Click here to download the Jamieson Shuttle map and schedule.

Starting tomorrow, July 13, the #16 Jamieson Shuttle will provide service for Jamieson and Lansdowne Avenues from 4 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Passengers in that area will be able to connect  with the #16 City Limits MetroBus at McCausland and Arsenal to continue their trips northbound. The shuttle will also connect passengers to the Shrewsbury MetroLink Station. Metro will operate the #16 Jamieson Shuttle through August 27.

After 6:30 each weekday evening and on weekends, the rerouted #16 City Limits MetroBus will serve passengers on Jamieson and Lansdowne Avenues.

3 thoughts on “Metro Adds Shuttle to Accomodate Riders Affected by Jamieson Avenue Bridge Closure”

  1. robert says:

    why not just reroute the #16 via fyler at all times instead of only after 630pm and remove the need for a shuttle this move makes no sense at all its seems like an purposeful attempt to make things more confusing than need be

    if there’s a need for service on Wabash ave make it last have the #210 can serve Jamieson and the #16 can serve Wabash

    1. Courtney says:

      During the weekday hours from start of service to about 6:30PM the #16 City Limits only has seven-minute layover at the Shrewsbury Station. It takes six minutes on the southbound trip and seven minutes on the northbound trip to go around via Watson Road. This is a total of thirteen minutes and operators need five minutes for the drivers restroom break which adds up to eighteen minutes. Weekdays after 6:30PM and on Weekends we have enough time in the schedule to us the detour route, but we did not want the buses to run late.

      On August 29th the next time we will change routing we will add a bus to the #16 City Limits and all buses will use the detour.

  2. Joe Frank says:

    This seems like a reasonable temporary solution to me, rather than entirely bypassing the Jamieson corridor entirely during the project. The section of Fyler from Watson to Jamieson is a bit narrow for bus service because of cars parked along both sides, I usually have to pull over to let another car pass when I’m driving there. But I’m glad to see service maintained on Jamieson even if it is a bit less convenient than usual. The main-line operation via Wabash/Ellendale I’m sure is just because it’s a quicker route, not because of any special demand for service there.

    I remember when there used to actually be bus service on McCausland in that neighborhood though, but that #98 McCausland-Delor bus was very, very rarely on-time and usually had only a handful of passengers.

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