May 7, 2013

Metro Helps Kick Off ‘Safe Roads For All’

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John Nations Speaking

John Nations, President and CEO of Bi-State Development Agency/Metro

Now that the spring weather has finally arrived, Metro Transit wants to remind everyone to be safe and courteous out on the roads.

Metro Transit joined MoDOT and Trailnet at a news conference Monday outside of the Missouri History Museum in Forest Park. The event was aimed at emphasizing the importance of safely sharing the road for all motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

“Safe Roads for All” reminds us all that arriving safely at our destination is a goal we all share – whether we walk, ride bicycles, drive, or ride MetroBus, Metro Call‑A‑Ride, or MetroLink.

Ann Mack, CEO of Trailnet, introduced the 2nd annual “Safe Roads for All” conference and the year’s initiatives. “Let’s say that in 2013, we no longer call walking and biking ‘alternative,’” she suggested, “because I think we were walking and biking before we were driving cars. So, let’s just call it multimodal. Sometimes we’re walking, sometimes we’re biking, sometimes we’re taking transit, and sometimes we’re driving our own cars. But the unifying theme is we are all going someplace and we all need to take care of each other, so that we can all arrive where we are going, not only safely, but enjoyably.”

Mack outlined other 2013 initiatives, including a no-texting campaign and advocating for protected bike lanes on our roads.

John Nations, President and CEO of Bi-State Development Agency/Metro, said Metro takes its responsibility for safe travel seriously. “Almost 47 million times a year, someone trusts Metro to transport them economically, on time, and most of all – safely.  That’s why “Safe Roads for All” is one of our top priorities,” he said.  “Road safety is not just important for our business, but for all businesses.  Walk-able, bike-able communities that are also transit-friendly help promote economic vitality, as well as safety.”

Click here to view the press conference on YouTube.

Susan Scott gave an emotional speech about the importance of safe road sharing. Scott’s son, Sam, was hit and killed by a drunk driver last year while commuting on his bicycle in University City. “Today, my call to action for you is to be brave like Sam. If you have a friend or family member who is drunk, take their keys from them … Don’t text, or if you are in the car with someone who is texting, be brave and tell them to stop, you’re not comfortable,” Scott said as she choked back tears. “Bicyclists, be brave and be safe. Make sure that you are following the rule of the roads. And all of you advocates, stay strong and be brave.”

Click here to watch Susan’s speech on YouTube.

Following the news conference, attendees headed from the Missouri History Museum to the St. Louis Downtown Bicycle Station. Trailnet and MoDOT lead a group of cyclists on a safety ride downtown and Nations lead a group of pedestrians over to the Forest Park-DeBaliviere MetroLink Station to take the train downtown.

“Pedestrians and bicyclists need to understand that they have primary responsibility for their own safety,” Ed Hassinger, MoDOT District Engineer for St. Louis region. “The motoring public also has a responsibility to share the road in a safe and courteous manner with these vulnerable road users.”

We all share the roads and there are many ways to get where we need to go.  Whether by car, by bike, by foot, or by public transit – it’s important for each of us to think safety first, and to encourage safe travel for everyone.

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