January 26, 2010

Metro is coming to a city council meeting near you

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As part of Metro’s plan to tell the region about our Moving Transit Forward long-range plan and to gather community feedback, we will be presenting at a series of city council meetings across the region. In case you can’t attend one of our public meetings, or want to find out how public transit affects your city, here is a list of upcoming city council presentations:

View Metro Moving Transit Forward Presentations to City Councils in a larger map

1/26/10 7:00 PM Ferguson
2/1/10 7:00 PM St. John
2/1/10 7:00 PM Brentwood
2/2/10 7:00 PM Rock Hill
2/2/10 7:30 PM Black Jack
2/2/10 7:30 PM Clarkson Valley
2/2/10 7:30 PM Normandy
2/2/10 7:30 PM Pine Lawn
2/2/10 7:30 PM Webster Groves
2/8/10 6:00 PM Uplands Park
2/8/10 7:00 PM Marlborough
2/8/10 7:00 PM Lakeshire
2/8/10 7:00 PM Town and Country
2/8/10 7:15 PM Oakland
2/8/10 7:30 PM Dellwood
2/9/10 6:15 PM Clayton
2/9/10 7:00 PM Crestwood
2/10/10 7:00 PM Country Club Hills
2/10/10 7:30 PM Winchester
2/10/10 7:30 PM Velda City
2/16/10 7:30 PM Vinita Park
2/16/10 7:00 PM Frontenac
2/16/10 7:00 PM Warson Woods
2/16/10 7:30 PM Grantwood Village
2/18/10 7:00 PM Hanley Hills
2/22/10 4:00 PM Ladue
2/22/10 7:00 PM Jennings
2/23/10 4:00 PM St. Louis County
2/23/10 7:30 PM Olivette
2/25/10 TBD Fenton
2/25/10 7:00 PM Bella Villa
3/1/10 7:30 PM Richmond Heights
3/15/10 7:00 PM Breckenridge Hills

3 thoughts on “Metro is coming to a city council meeting near you”

  1. Melissa Moulton says:

    Why are there no community meetings scheduled for Maryland Heights, Chesterfield or Creve Coeur, which would be most interested in a potential Westport route? This would seem to be an important area from which to gain feedback.

    Is it possible to schedule meetings in these areas?

    1. Jennifer says:

      For two of the three rounds of public meetings, we came out to Chesterfield City Hall; and worked with Chesterfield to spread the word out in West County. But I will check and see if further council meetings are planned once this initial schedule has run its course.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Our long-range planner, Mark, just told me that we sent out requests to present to all of the city councils and we’re visiting all of the ones who responded & invited us to present. If more are added to the schedule, they will be posted on the long-range plan site, MovingTransitForward.org.

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