June 11, 2012

Metro Teams Place First Place Overall in International Competition

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Metro Rail Rodeo Team in Dallas, TX

Winning Teams from Metro (left to right): Supervisors Etta Gibson and Stan Niemeier, Operator Robert Yawn, Mechanic Chris Lynch, Mechanic Kevin Moore, Operator Christina Hicks, and Mechanic Matt Fisher

Metro Transit led the nation in the first quarter of 2012 with the largest increase in bus ridership among transit agencies, according to the American Public Transit Association (APTA).  St. Louis is on board with transit, with bus ridership increasing 15.6% in January, February and March and placing on APTA’s top ten list of light rail systems with the highest rates of growth at 8.2% for MetroLink.

We are also pleased to announce another great accomplishment for Metro Transit. The Metro team placed first overall in APTA’s International Rail Rodeo recently in Dallas, Texas.

The Rail Transit Team Award is presented to the transit system with the highest rail operator and maintainer team combined score. The Metro Transit Operator Team and Maintainer Team both placed second in their categories, which contributed to first place overall. The International Rail Rodeo gives rail operators and maintainers a chance to showcase their skills in delivering the highest quality of transit service through a variety of tests.  Operators’ teams are measured on operating skills, including knowledge of safety regulations, train equipment, wayside rules, regulations, and procedures. Rail car maintainers’ teams are tested on electrical and mechanical knowledge, maintenance trouble shooting and diagnostic abilities, along with safety awareness and procedures.

APTA Rail Rodeo Operators Team Robert Yawn and Christina Hicks

2012 Metro Rail Rodeo Operators Team Robert Yawn of O'Fallon, IL and Christina Hicks of St. Louis

Metro Transit competed alongside representatives from Dallas, TX, Denver, CO, Los Angeles, CA, Charlotte, NC, Seattle, WA, Washington, DC, Houston, TX, Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore, MD, Boston, MA and Chicago, IL. The Metro Transit Operator Team and Maintenance Team both placed second in their categories, which contributed to first place overall. The Metro Transit teams also won first place overall in 2000 and 2002.

2012 Metro Rail Rodeo Maintenance Team Members Matt Fisher, Chris Lynch and Kevin Moore

2012 Metro Rail Rodeo Maintenance Team Members Matt Fisher of New Athens, IL, Chris Lynch of St. Charles, MO and Kevin Moore of Fenton, MO

The Maintainer Team included Matt Fisher, Chris Lynch, and Kevin Moore. The Operator Team included Christina Hicks and Robert Yawn. We would give Operator Yawn extra points for saving owls, but unfortunately that wasn’t included in the competition!

We would like to congratulate the Metro Teams for their hard work, skill and effort that they put into the International Rodeo Competition, and thank them for what they put into their everyday work for public transit in St. Louis. Great work, team!

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