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July 16, 2015

Metro Tests New Information Panels At Transit Centers

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IMG_3545Metro is working hard to enhance the transit experience for riders and one of the ways we’re doing that is by testing new information panels.

The new panels, which have been installed at several Metro transit centers, provide easy-to-use information about nearby amenities and attractions.

Each wayfinding board features a street map that highlights nearby landmarks, bike trails and other destinations within a quarter-mile walking distance from that Metro Transit Center. The panels also highlight all of the MetroBus routes serving that location.  The information panels are located at the 5th & Missouri, Belleville, Civic Center, Central West End and Shrewsbury-Lansdowne I-44 MetroLink Stations

The suggestion to install information maps came from the Metro Transit Advisory Group or MTAG, a voluntary citizens’ advisory group that helps provide public input on agency decisions and improve public transit service in the St. Louis region.

“We want everyone to have a great experience on Metro, and that’s why it’s important our riders know how they can make the transit system work for them,” said Ray Friem, Executive Director of Metro Transit. “With these panels, we can make it easier for our passengers to combine MetroBus and MetroLink on their commutes and give them the information they need to identify and connect with all of the important destinations they can reach with Metro.”

We’d like to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think of these panels by sending us an email.

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4 thoughts on “Metro Tests New Information Panels At Transit Centers”

  1. Shannon Villa says:

    The neighborhood map is not very useful. This appears to me more of a highlight of bus connections, hence the small map. I would suggest looking at Chicago and Washington DC transit systems’ neighborhood maps. Also online there is a schematic of the transit centers that I feel would be helpful if located at a good location at each center. I’m new to St. Louis and sometimes knowing where a bus boards is confusing since some of the bus bay locations are not intuitive. I found this as a big issue at Civic Center and at Hanley Stations. Also, maybe a better or more prominent location is needed, eventually a location at the front portion of a station. For example at Civic Center and even at 5th and Missouri where I have observed these signs, the locations are where people waiting to board trains are typically blocking them thus defeating their purpose. Also, they are not easily noticeable. In fact I noticed them the first time when my train stopped and so I saw them right in front of me. Otherwise, I would not have seen them at all.

  2. Shannon Villa says:

    Also, maybe a distance or average walking time chart would be needed to tell people how far a walk it is to a location or place. Again, DC and Chicago have some good neighborhood maps.

  3. Shannon Villa says:

    I would like to join that transit advisory group. I think my contribution is that I have been all over the country and have lived and relied on public transit. I drive as well for work but I ride enough in my spare time that I can provide some good ideas. Also, I observe transit operations wherever I go so I’m aware of performance as well as on-time performance from using the real-time map or the On–The-Go app, I typically query nearby stops when I see a bus near me out of curiosity if the bus is on time, late, or early. This is while I am driving around as well so I can give the driver that wants to ride transit perspective.

  4. Matthew Hibbard says:

    Shannon, this is excellent feedback. We’ll make sure your suggestions are sent to the correct people within the agency and be incorporated in the final design. Remember, this is just the testing phase before we roll out the final version later on. We’re excited that you would like to be part of MTAG. Click the link below to get started! Thanks again for your feedback!

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