December 30, 2011

MetroLink Expands Service for First Night Event

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To accommodate the crowds after the First Night celebration ends at Grand Center tomorrow night, New Year’s Eve, MetroLink will extend eastbound and westbound service. The last shuttle from Grand Center departs for the Union Station MetroLink Station at 12:30 a.m. The shuttles are being operated by the First Night organization.

Please see the times below to help you plan your trip, and use the Passenger Assist Telephone or Metro personnel on the Union Station platform for help. Have a safe and enjoyable New Year’s celebration!


Line       Destination  Times at Union Station

Blue      Shrewsbury       12:13 a.m.
Red      Lambert Airport   12:23 a.m.
Blue     Shrewsbury        12:28 a.m.
Red      Lambert Airport    12:32 a.m.
Blue     Shrewsbury        12:45 a.m.
Red      Lambert Airport   12:52 a.m.


Line      Destination  Times at Union Station

Red        Shiloh-Scott       12:09 a.m.
Blue       Fairview Hghts    12:22 a.m.
Red        Shiloh-Scott       12:37 a.m.
Blue       Fairview Hghts    12:42 a.m.
Red        Shiloh-Scott       12:56 a.m.

December 31, 2011 New Year’s Eve: (Saturday schedule)
January 1, 2012 New Year’s Day: Holiday Schedule (Sunday schedule)
January 2, 2012 Monday: (Sunday schedule)

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1 thought on “MetroLink Expands Service for First Night Event”

  1. H Smith says:

    Simple question; If I live downtown what buses can I take to and from 1st night?

    Thank you!

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