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March 31, 2010

MetroLink Guard Helps Shooting Victim At Wellston Station

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A Metro security guard helped rescue a shooting victim at the rear of the parking lot that serves the Wellston MetroLink Station this morning. The guard responded to the sound of shots and chased off the armed man as the wounded victim ran toward the train platform. The victim was taken to a hospital and remains under treatment as police investigate.


3 thoughts on “MetroLink Guard Helps Shooting Victim At Wellston Station”

  1. Bob says:

    I am in the process of moving and the quickest most straight forward route to and from work is through the Wellston station; this scares me. I have been riding the Metro to Lambert and catching the #49 bus for the last 4 years and the stops at Delmar, Wellston & the Rock Road are very, very scary. I have watched major drug deals go down on the train, heard someones mother called every name in the book and have watched thousands of “free” riders jump from train to train.

    I have had friends from several states come to visit and we have taken “mass transit” downtown and they all have witnessed the “crime” when we pass these areas. To put things in perspective, I lived in Chicago for 2 years and rode mass transit all the time. I have also utilized the light rail systems in Atlanta and Denver.

    All of the Metrolink stations need to have guards posted at all times. Possibly more than one at certain stops. And every train needs a guard checking fares. I don’t mind paying for the Metro (I voted for the proposition) but I do believe evryone should pay and not with a bullet.

    1. Courtney says:


      We appreciate your concerns. I myself traveled on MetroLink for two years out of the Wellston station. We are definitely aware of security needs and concerns at some of the MetroLink stations, and are working to build security improvements into our plan for improving transit during the next few years. It’s really helpful to hear what our riders, who are out there relying on the system everyday, see, hear and perceive as they ride. Hopefully we can continue to improve our security measures to make it easier and safer for you to ride.

  2. Stan says:

    Did security cameras catch anything?

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