April 30, 2015

MetroLink Installs Updated Bicycle Decals

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IMG_2992We’ve expanded the testing phase and rolled out updated decals for designated bicycle areas at the Brentwood I-64 MetroLink Station, Central West End MetroLink Station and Belleville MetroLink Station.

MetroLink began testing new designated bicycle areas in August last year. Those decals featured a special tile that displayed a bicycle with the words “board here.” The newer tile decals now feature two bicycles outlined in black.

These special tiles indicate which train doors a cyclist should use to board MetroLink. The decals are meant to help clear up any confusion for cyclists, speed up the boarding process and make it safer for all passengers.

Bicycle Parking Zones are located on MetroLink in the doorways at the back of the first train car, as well as the front and rear of the second train car. Operators have to be able to get in and out of the cab, so bicycles are not allowed in the front car outside the cab area or in the stairwell near the operator.

In December last year, MetroLink updated its bicycle policy to allow two bicycles in each Bicycle Parking Zone rather than one. Metro customers with bicycles are urged to let all other passengers board MetroLink first. While on the train, cyclists should stand with their bicycles in the open or near the door.

Cyclists should not leave their bikes unattended or on the kickstand because they might fall over during the trip and injure the owner or another passenger. When it is time to get off the train, a cyclist is encouraged to roll his bicycle off the train as quickly as possible, being careful to avoid other passengers.

If the special bicycle tiles are durable enough to handle the foot traffic of passengers at our busiest station, then we will consider installing them at all MetroLink stations in the future.

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