February 22, 2010

MetroLink Mayoral Foursquare Contest

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Every once in a while I like to log onto Foursquare to check out the “mayors” of the MetroLink stations around town.  Foursquare is a social geotagging application that lets you “check” into venues like restaurants, shops, even transit stations with your smart phone.  People with the most check-ins at a location become “mayors” of the venue.  I can appreciate that, especially during these cold months, these platform warriors are taking the time to check into Foursquare and let everyone know they are one of the many folks boarding MetroLink.  Mighty MetroLink Mayors, we salute you.

So we’d like to give you a token of our appreciation and recognition of your Honor.  On March 18th at 9 a.m., all of the current mayors of MetroLink stations in St. Louis at that time will receive a goodie bag of Metro items guaranteed to demonstrate your superior governing clout, including a Metro glass mug, pens, buttons, writing pads, reusable tote and most deliciously, a special-edition handmade “MetroLink Mayor” cookie from Mississippi Mud House on Cherokee Street in St. Louis.

An example of one of owner Casey Miller's creations.

An example of one of owner Casey Miller's creations.

As ambassadors of transit, we appreciate your service to the great nation of Foursquare and MetroLink riders everywhere.  Keep it up!

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2 thoughts on “MetroLink Mayoral Foursquare Contest”

  1. THOR says:

    How will Metro find/contact those mayors when the time comes?

    1. Courtney says:

      Hey Thor! I’ll be monitoring the action, and will send notifications to winners who have public profiles or are friends with myself or @STLMetro on Twitter, and requests via Twitter, Facebook for winners to contact us. I’ll also send out updates and contact info so winners can reach me. Winners will of course have the option to not accept any prize.


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