May 11, 2011

MetroLink Rider Josh Is Looking for his Missed Connection on the Train

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If you ride a bus route or particular train regularly, you may have found you run into people you see often, those who ride the same bus route or train.  Or maybe you have started a conversation and made a friend.  And maybe, you put yourself out there and really connected with someone.  It was brought to our attention that MetroLink was the location of one of these encounters, a “Missed Connection” on Craigslist that was highlighted by the Riverfront Times:

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3 thoughts on “MetroLink Rider Josh Is Looking for his Missed Connection on the Train”

  1. Anjana says:

    There is one obviously appropriate comment to this story: “Awwww”. I hope the RFT finds the hollywood ending on Craigslist too!

  2. mike says:


    If you don’t ever see that particular Irene again, there will be other Irenes, or Dianes or Jane Does that will come along in life. Hopefully, they won’t come along every “blue moon” like Metro; otherwise, it could mean long waits in the cold and snow and heat and rain, before that next chick comes along, especially if you expect to meet her on a bus.

    Take my advise and get a fancy car; you’ll make greater strides with it in meeting that next Irene.

  3. mike says:

    I forgot to hit my edit button in my previous comment. I meant to say “advice” vs. “advise”

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