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December 30, 2010

MetroLink schedule for First Night at Grand Center

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To accommodate the crowds at the First Night celebration at Grand Center on New Year’s Eve, MetroLink will run extra service to work with the First Night Shuttle and crowds. Please see the times below to help you plan your trip, and use the Passenger Assist Telephone on the platforms to help guide your trip. Have a safe and enjoyable New Year’s celebration!


Line  Destination  Times at Grand

Blue      Shrewsbury       12:17am
Red      Lambert Airport   12:27am
Blue     Shrewsbury        12:32am                
Red      Lambert Airport    12:36am              
Blue     Shrewsbury        12:49am              
Red      Lambert Airport   12:56am             


Line  Destination  Times at Grand

Red        Shiloh-Scott       12:05am                      
Blue       Fairview Hght    12:18am
Red        Shiloh-Scott       12:33am                      
Blue       Fairview Hght    12:38am                     
Red        Shiloh-Scott       12:52am                      

New Year’s Eve: Holiday Schedule (Saturday schedule)
New Year’s Day: Holiday Schedule (Sunday schedule)

1 thought on “MetroLink schedule for First Night at Grand Center”

  1. Daron says:

    Whoah! I’m really confused. I had assumed the 70 Grand would be the obvious way to get to the event from South City, but the street is being closed and a shuttle from the MetroLink station is being arranged.

    If I get on the bus… where will it take me?

    Also, isn’t the shuttle smaller than the bus? Why not just use the bus and have guides on hand telling people when to get on and off for the event?

    If in the future we have an operating BRT line on Grand, I do hope we keep it running during the event.

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