November 7, 2011

MetroLink Service Modified for Evening Construction Work

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MetroLink construction work near the East Riverfront MetroLink Station will continue every night this week, November 7 through 11. To accommodate the crews working on the rail line, Metro will operate trains on a single track Monday through Friday starting at 8:00 each night until the end of service. 

Red Line trains will operate on a single track at the East Riverfront MetroLink Station. Signs at the platform entrances will let you know which platform is currently in use.

Blue Line trains will only operate from Shrewsbury to the Civic Center MetroLink Station.

In Missouri, eastbound Blue Line passengers will need to transfer to a Red Line train at the Civic Center MetroLink Station.

Westbound Blue Line passengers in Illinois will need to catch a Red Line train to travel between the Fairview Heights and Civic Center MetroLink Stations and then return to a Blue Line train at Civic Center.

Blue Line passengers should allow an extra 10 minutes for their commutes these evenings. Red Line customers should not experience any delays.

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2 thoughts on “MetroLink Service Modified for Evening Construction Work”

  1. Julie says:

    Could you guys please explain to me how single tracking works? Because with South Campus metrolink about to undergo construction I fear that it will soon be doing this and I’d like to know exactly how single tracking works because I’ve never seen it in action before.

    1. Courtney says:

      Julie, single tracking just means that the trains will only operate on a single track to allow safe construction or repair to another set of tracks. This means that trains will slow down, or not run, in certain areas to accommodate. In the instance of UMSL South, it primarily means that the red line may experience some delays through this area during construction times. We will announce ahead of time any planned single tracking delays. We are adding what is called an interlocking to the UMSL south Station so that trains will be able to pull off from one another and avoid single track delays for future construction or repair.

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