December 15, 2014

MetroLink Updates Policy for Cyclists

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Photo courtesy of Trailnet

Photo courtesy of Trailnet

Good news for bicyclists who take MetroLink. Effective immediately, two bicycles, instead of one, will be allowed at each designated area on the trains.

The updated policy will not change the way you board MetroLink with your bicycle. If you are bringing your bicycle on MetroLink, you will still enter the train at the rear door of the first train car or enter the front or rear door of the second train car. Two bicycles are allowed in each Bicycle Parking Zone in the doorways on the train, and an additional bicycle belonging to a child with an adult is also permitted.

We ask that you let all other passengers board and exit MetroLink first, before you start to bring your bike on board. If the train is too crowded, you may have to wait for the next train.

While on MetroLink, you should stand with your bicycle in the doorway or near the door. Do not leave your bike unattended or put it on the kickstand, because it could fall over and injure you or other passengers. When it is time to get off the train, roll your bicycle off the train as quickly as possible, being careful to avoid other passengers.

ParkingLogo2Meanwhile, Trailnet and Metro are still testing specially designed bike areas on the platform at the Central West End MetroLink Station, the busiest station on the MetroLink system. The special bike tiles on the platform should help cyclists easily understand where they can board the train with their bikes, speeding up the boarding process and making it safer for all passengers.

If the special bicycle tiles are durable enough to handle the foot traffic of passengers at our busiest station, then we will consider installing them at all MetroLink stations in the future.

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7 thoughts on “MetroLink Updates Policy for Cyclists”

  1. kas says:

    Many of the bicyclists place their bike in the indent area at the front of the car. Then the lazy clowns go sit down, usually in the first row. One Saturday on the Blue Line, I watched two parents and their two kids bring on their bikes. I guess Metro needs to do a better job educating the clueless.

    1. Matthew Hibbard says:


      Thank you for riding with us. We’ll make sure MetroLink receives your observation and let our security personnel know as well.

    2. Eric says:

      @kas – would you suggest a family of four take two trains 15-20 minutes apart to get to their destination? Sometimes its nice to be accommodating. I guess your mother should have done a better job of educating you to be more civilized.

  2. rahul says:

    i’m trying to figure out how someone who has the energy and wherewithal to commute via bicycle could be characterized as “lazy.”

  3. Kriston Bickers says:


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