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September 30, 2009 | 7 Comments

Moving Transit Forward: Public Engagement Meeting Schedule announced (Updated)

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Bob Baer briefs the crowd

Bob Baer briefs the crowd

UPDATE: An additional forum date announced.

At yesterday’s executive briefing, Metro’s planning officials announced the dates and locations for the first round of public engagement meetings for the long-range planning process. We’re posting the schedule here, and you can expect an announcement of the long-range plan website prior to the first meeting on October 13. Please spread the word about these meetings and encourage your friends, neighbors, co-workers, elected officials, barristas, and family members to come to these forums – and bring their opinions.

You are welcome at any and all of these public meetings, of course, but they are being held at different locations throughout the region to ensure maximum public engagement.

All of the links above (except the links to the two college campus maps) go to Google Maps; the first link shows just the location and the second link shows how to get there via transit. Just change the starting address (currently Metro HQ!) to where you’re starting from. I even put in the date and the time you’ll want to arrive by in order to get you onto the right bus and train so you can get there on time. (You can see that by clicking “Show Options”; Google gives you the option to use your departure or arrival time to plan your trip.)

7 thoughts on “Moving Transit Forward: Public Engagement Meeting Schedule announced (Updated)”

  1. Donnice says:

    I would like to share this on my other social networks can u make that an option (I.e facebook, linked in, myspace)?

  2. Jennifer says:

    I will look into that but it probably won’t result in anything until next week. Currently we have Digg, Stumble,, reddit, Yahoo, and Google social links but I was just looking at icons yesterday for adding more!

    1. Courtney says:

      If you go to the fan page of Metro St. Louis Transit on Facebook, you can share specific posts on your wall. That is at least an interim solution until we can add a Facebook share widget sometime soon.

  3. Courtney says:


    If you take the link from this post and paste it into your wall, it will show up as a post. Good way to share with all of your Facebook friends. Use one of the link-shortening tools like to paste link into your Twitter account. Thanks for trying to pass the word along!


  4. Jazzy Jeff says:

    Any way in the future that Metro can start having “online” meetings? I am sure there are people who can’t make the meetings based on their location and time schedule. Or even they may avoid large groups of people.


    1. Jennifer says:

      Actually, that’s something we’d like to do during this project but we’re not sure if we’ll have the time to pull it together. However, the meeting materials will be online and you will certainly be able to get the information and then provide us with feedback through the website.

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