March 19, 2010

My Favorite 10 Videos of People Dancing on Public Transit

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I’m not sure where the connection is between dancing and public transit, but there’s definitely nothing like a crowded train station to make people want to put on a choreographed flash mob dance. My favorite videos featuring transit stations and riders range from the silly to outright amazing, and I hate to admit, sometimes even the awkward and joyful. Extra points to the guy making himself look ridiculous, but bringing a smile to random strangers. Hey, we’re all having fun in this world, right?

Generally, the official word is to always be courteous to your fellow riders. But thanks for having fun out there.

10. T-Mobile Dance Remix in Liverpool Street Station

I’m not a huge favorite of dance music mash-ups, but the quality is nice (paid advertisement for T-mobile) and the transit station looks beautiful.

9. Human Mirror

Ok, not exactly dancing, but there is definitely choreography. Public improv has been a boon for public transit theater, and I’m a fan of the non-obtrusive but amazing-to-witness stunt pulled here.

8. “Jai Ho” in Chicago

“Jai Ho” is the end song of Slumdog Millionaire, concluding the movie with an all-cast dance extravaganza in a train station. The dance scene has spawned imitators across the world, including Chicago, where a cast of young people took up dancing in what looks to be the O’Hare Airport parking garage. Not long before security comes asking, but I love the kid in the white Miami vice jacket. He looks like he is having a really, really good time. Pretty good job Chicago, though not as good as the amazing gentleman at CPDRC in the Phillipines.

7. Breakdancing in the NYC Subway

I appreciate breakdancing, partially because there is no way I could do it. The crowd really gets into these subway dancers.

6. 100 Single Ladies Flash Mob Dance to Beyonce at London’s Piccadilly Circus

The music video for this song was great, and I can only imagine what people were thinking coming up from the Tube.

5. “Thriller on the Subway”

The video’s description says it all: “A pre-Halloween Thriller dance on a crowded subway. We did our best lol.”

Bonus: Guy dancing like Michael Jackson at a bus stop

4. Subway sing-a-long in Toronto “I Love the Subway!”

Is the song cheesy? Yes, but in that good way, like the way kids really love trains. Maybe I can introduce this song at the next staff meeting…

3. Michael Jackson tribute at Stockholm train station

If people love dancing in train stations, then they really love dancing at train stations to Michael Jackson. And these few hundred people are pretty good at it.

2. SpandyAndy at the Broadway and Commercial Terminal in Vancouver

I love this guy. I love that he is dancing to the same music and wearing nearly the same outfit as I did in my fifth grade dance recital. Is he annoying? Quite possibly. But you have to love him for his pure, yellow-spandex energy. He’s just a squirrel trying to get a nut.

1. Do Re Mi at Central Station Antwerp in Belgium

This video is truly viral, and truly enjoyable. The faces on the spectators says it all: Something quite special is happening here.

Have a great weekend, and safe travels!

4 thoughts on “My Favorite 10 Videos of People Dancing on Public Transit”

  1. Seth Teel says:

    You need to put out a call for the video of FBC St. Louis’ “Party on the MetroLink” Summer 2008. There was a full-on dance party from Swansea to Central West End Station. It was a great example of bicyclists dancing on the Metrolink. The video exists, but no one knows who has it.

  2. RTBones says:

    Some other links…

    Liverpool Street Station

    Victoria Station

    Not strictly dancing, but at Grand Central in New York….

  3. sasha norris says:

    very nice… i really like your blog…

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