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January 24, 2011

New Features and Changes to Based on Customer Feedback

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We want to thank everyone who responded to the new website redesign via the blog, phone, Twitter and email.

The Website Redesign Committee met to review all the feedback and decided to make some changes based on that feedback.  It was clear there are distinct groups of users who have particular needs.  These changes reflect our attempts to try to get our schedule information into the hands of our customers in the formats they desire.

  1. On the Main Menu we changed “System Map” to “Maps and Schedules”.  New Main MenuThis menu item is actually a “quick” drop down panel that gives our customers access to all our various schedule information in two clicks.Maps and Schedules Dropdown Panel
    On the left are links to display individual MetroBus routes, MetroLink stations as well as information about our Metro Call‑A‑Ride service (nothing has changed with these links).  However, newly added are direct links to our System Maps,  MetroBus PDF Schedules, MetroLink PDF Schedules, and Web-based timetables.
  2. The System Maps page displays key maps of our system in PDF Format.
  3. The MetroBus PDF Schedules page is a new page requested by many of you.  This is a single page with ALL of our PDF schedules for MetroBus in one place.
  4. The MetroLink PDF Schedules page is also new and is similar to the MetroBus page above.  This is a single page with ALL of our PDF schedules for MetroLink in one place.
  5. Web-based Timetables links customers to the timetables functionality of TripFinder.  For those who prefer an HTML version of a timetable, this is the option for you.
  6. All PDF information for a particular route remains the same.  We have added links to the All PDF pages and TripFinder Web-Based Timetables.  All PDF links on these pages are now labeled with a PDF symbol.Changes to Route Pages on
  7. On the Home Page, the right side of the page was renamed “Maps & Schedules”  The widget remains the same and allows access to MetroBus and MetroLink schedule information in one to two clicks.Home Page Badge Functionality
  8. Map and schedule information can also be accessed from the Plan Your Trip section of the website.Plan Your Trip Menu Item
  9. While not new, we do want to point out that customers should pay attention to the Service Updates page.  This page will point customers to all changes occurring on the system.

We hope these changes will make it easier for our customers to access the information they need.  As always, we invite you to give us your feedback!

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4 thoughts on “New Features and Changes to Based on Customer Feedback”

  1. Patrick Richmond says:

    This is much better due to that customers who work at places where downloading programs are not allowed can still read schedules and also help others find their way around via public transportation. And that cause a jump in ridership. Plus this also opens up parking spaces at area businesses making it MUCH easier for those who cannot get to a bus or Call-a-Ride service.

  2. Justin says:

    Much appreciated makeover indeed! I like the individual bus route pages personally. I have noted a few typos and oversights of that nature though. Example from the #97’s page “…The #95 Delmar route serves several Saint Louis City and inner-ring suburban neighborhoods …”

    1. Courtney says:

      Thanks for the catch Justin. We’re in the process of fine-combing through the site and picking up things like this. Thanks!

  3. 63101 says:

    The site is still pretty bad on mobile devices. The drop-down menus along the top really don’t work well on a touch interface, and the selection list from the sidebar is not very helpful (given the way iPhones format and truncate the names in those lists, it’s pretty difficult to navigate).

    Please be friendly to mobile users and redirect them to a mobile site that focuses on the most valuable info like routes and rider alerts with just a list, and provides a link to the full site if the info is not available there. Take a look at what the CTA in Chicago has done with their website, for example.

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