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October 29, 2010

No Eating Brains on the Train and Other Helpful Tips for Riding Transit This Halloween

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For Halloween, Metro would like to remind our ghoulish passengers of the basics of riding transit in St. Louis.

For all zombie hunters, please remember that all chainsaws must be in a locked case, and may be subject to removal at security’s discretion.

Please no eating or drinking on MetroLink and Metrobuses. That includes brains and/or other passengers. Or blood. (We’re looking at you, Edward!)

Don't give me those eyes. I said, no drinking on the train. (Image via

Please no photography of MetroLink infrastructure, including bridges, tracks and tunnels. Even if you swear you saw a ghost, really.

Please let passengers exit the train before entering. Especially Sasquatch. We’ve been told he gets grouchy when people don’t use proper transit etiquette. (You won’t like him when he’s angry.)

Sasquatch is very sensitive about transit manners. (Image via

Everyone must have a validated ticket before riding MetroLink.  Being one of the undead still leaves you subject to a fine and/or removal from the train.

For everyone’s safety, no running on the platforms or train — even if you are being chased by flesh-eating zombies.

See? He's just a guy riding home after a long day of work. (Image via

No weapons are allowed on Metro vehicles, including axes and machetes (This means you, too, Jason).

Before taking your cauldron on MetroLink or MetroBus, consider size and other passengers’ safety and comfort.

Please validate your ticket at the red validators located near ticket vending machines and platforms. If a validator has teeth and hair, do not use, and walk away. Slowly.

Reduced fare is available for senior and disabled passengers.  And no, being brought to life by a mad scientist does not qualify for ADA consideration.  To qualify for reduced senior fare, you must be 65 years or older from the date of your human birth, not your rebirth as a blood-sucking monster.

To signal to the driver your bus stop is approaching, pull on the cord or strip located close the windows. If the cord lets out a grisly moan, you have pulled the wrong cord.

Brooms are allowed on MetroLink at designated areas at the rear of first car and front and rear of second car. No gas-powered brooms allowed on MetroLink or MetroBus.

This is not Metro standard-issue uniform for MetroBus operators.

(Image via

Remember, you can plan your trip to walk amongst the dead on Google Transit or Trip Finder at Metro’s website,

Have a happy and safe Halloween from all the guys and ghouls at Metro!

1 thought on “No Eating Brains on the Train and Other Helpful Tips for Riding Transit This Halloween”

  1. Patrick Richmond says:

    I know that the no photgraphy is a hard rule to follow on MetroLink when you are filming a line. They should have gotten rid of the word “tracks” out of the photography because sometimes, it’s hard to film a ride on the line without the tracks ending up getting on camera. But the tunnels, yes. People filming might not get good video anyway in a tunnel. I have seen on YouTube where people would sit on the right hand side (facing forward) of the train to film.

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