March 17, 2010

Public Transit & Community: Alison’s Story

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In the last couple of weeks, we have highlighted John and the Falks: Riders who have shared their stories with us so that we can tell people what transit means to them and St. Louis.  Now meet Alison, a physics librarian at Washington University.  Alison commutes from her home in Chesterfield to the University’s Danforth Campus every day to work.  She owns a car, but started riding transit to save money, help the environment, and spend some quiet time reading.  What she did not anticipate was the strong sense of community among her fellow passengers.

Alison’s story is not unique – there is a sense of familiarity and togetherness among transit riders.  While walking in my neighborhood last weekend, one of the regular riders on the #73 Cardondelet yelled from across the street, “HEY METRO LADY!” with an enthusiastic wave hello. I know her from community meetings and riding the #73 together. It’s one of the things I personally love about riding transit.  Watch Alison’s story:

Metro Means Community – Wash U Employee Alison from St. Louis Metro Transit on Vimeo.

1 thought on “Public Transit & Community: Alison’s Story”

  1. 1. A Good Transit System has Frequent and Convenient Transportation for All.

    2. A Good Transit System Helps Strengthen the Community.

    3. A Good Transit System Helps Encourages People to Leave their Vehicles at Home and Help out our Environment.

    4. A Good Transit System Helps Individuals become more Physically Fit.

    5. A Good Transit System Helps Reduce Traffic Grid Lock.

    6. A Good Transit System Helps Reduce COST and NEED for PARATRANSIT.

    7. A Good Transit System Helps Reduce Road Construction.

    8. A Good Transit System has Free Public Transit.

    9. A Good Transit System Work on Barrier Free, Benches and Shelters.

    10. A Good Transit System Helps Encourage People to take Public Transit to go Shopping, Helps Increase Sale Tax.

    I am a Person with a Traumatic Brain Injury, I enjoy the Regular Bus System, I have more Independence, I make New Friends, I enjoy going Shopping. I am Paratransit approve my Goal is too only use it when I
    really need it, but there has been Change Day do to Route at Utah Transit Authority has Increase my need others Disabled need for Paratransit. I want Paratransit to be Affordable for the Individuals that really need it all the time.

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