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May 24, 2012 | 4 Comments

Quick Guide to June 11, 2012 Quarterly Service Changes

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Metro will launch a quarterly service change on Monday, June 11, with changes to 24 routes in Missouri. Some of these are minor route or schedule changes to improve connections and route performance, but some changes are significant. Please take a moment to review the upcoming service updates. Additional service will be added to the #35 Rock Road, #61 Chambers, #90 Hampton, #99 Downtown Trolley (Sunday service added), #40X I-55 Express, and #410X Eureka Express.

Also, the Muny Theatre at Forest Park has scheduled shows on select dates effective June 18 – August 12, 2012. The #3X Muny Trolley will shuttle customers to and from the Muny Theatre and the Forest Park-DeBaliviere MetroLink Station on show days. A schedule for the service will be available on Metro’s website starting in June.

Service Updates

The next for the Service Change is scheduled for an effective date of June 11, 2012. Brief details of the changes are as follows:

To better explain the reasons for these changes, the Planning Department put together a list of reasons for the service changes.

June 11 2012 Schedule Change Explanations






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4 thoughts on “Quick Guide to June 11, 2012 Quarterly Service Changes”

  1. Phil Gavitt says:

    Isn’t the announced change for the #1 Gold misleading, since work on the pedestrian tunnel at Wash U will delay the actual service change until August?

    1. CourtneyLS says:

      We have now updated the #1 Gold change to reflect the reroute, as well as the #2 Red reroute as well.

  2. Patrick Richmond says:

    Well, guess what.  There is a reroute on MetroBus route #56 that began two or three weeks ago and is scheduled to last 18 months. I posted the reroute because someone removed it off of Facebook and those reroutes are public infomation items and should be up during the duration of the time the reroute is to be in effect.  I asked the security guard just outside the Kayak’s Coffee shop and he agreed with me that it was stupid to take the public information down off the board when it comes to reroutes.  But incase if the planners feel there is a need to keep the reroute of MetroBus route #56 secret, then I am having Call-a-Ride take me to work at Mercy and bring me home.  Keeping public information secret is what kills ridership. 

  3. CourtneyLS says:

    Patrick, we have returned the rider alert about the #56 reroute to the rider alerts page. The reroute will be in effect as needed by road construction in the area.

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