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Quick Guide to November 26 Quarterly MetroBus & MetroLink Service Change

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The quarterly Metro service change goes into effect on Monday, November 26, with changes to 22 MetroBus routes in Missouri, three in Illinois, and with adjustments to the MetroLink schedule to provide better connections between the Blue and Red Lines during weekday off peak hours and weekends.

Some of the changes are minor route or schedule modifications aimed at improving connections and on time performance.  Changes being made to our busiest MetroBus route, the #70 Grand, are based in feedback from customers and operators. Please take a moment to review the upcoming service changes. Service will be added to the #16 City Limits, #56 Kirkwood Webster, #59 Dogtown, #74 Florissant, #90 Hampton, #94 Page, #95 Kingshighway, and #2 Cahokia.

Service Updates

Our Planning Department put together the list of reasons for the service changes so you have a better idea as to why they are being implemented.







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1 thought on “Quick Guide to November 26 Quarterly MetroBus & MetroLink Service Change”

  1. What changes were made that allowed MetroLink to restore sensible off-peak transfer times at Forest Park? New phase of construction that doesn’t interfere with the schedule?

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