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August 3, 2016

Reminder: MetroLink, MetroBus Schedules Changing on August 22

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Your MetroBus and MetroLink schedule is going to look a little different on Monday, August 22 — that’s when Metro’s next quarterly service change goes into effect.

With trains now operating on both tracks across the Eads Bridge, MetroLink will change its schedule for the first time since 2012. These changes will improve connections for passengers who transfer between Red Line and Blue Line trains at the Forest Park-DeBaliviere MetroLink Station.

In addition, all MetroBus routes in Missouri will have minor changes to their schedules.

Detailed information on the new schedules will be available soon – follow us on Twitter or Facebook, or check back here for the latest updates.

August 22 Service Change Preview:

  • MetroLink schedule will change to improve connections at the Forest Park-DeBaliviere MetroLink Station
  • All Missouri MetroBus routes will have minor changes to their schedules
  • #33 Dorsett-Lackland will no longer serve Warson Road and Link Road, and will instead serve Ashby Road to Midland Boulevard
  • #57X Clayton Road Express will be extended to serve St. Mary’s Hospital via Oakland Avenue, Clayton Road, Dale Avenue and Big Bend Boulevard
  • #58 Clayton-West County will have minor route changes in downtown Clayton

In an effort to build a better transit experience, Metro transit constantly monitors and reviews feedback from passengers and operators. Every quarter, Metro uses this feedback and other data to improve MetroLink connections and MetroBus route performance.

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10 thoughts on “Reminder: MetroLink, MetroBus Schedules Changing on August 22”

  1. J. Hayward says:

    The change to the #33 is not desired due to the great number of us the depends on it for our job location. We will no longer be able to get to work. You guys never consider the current benefit of the service you provide.

  2. D. Johnson says:

    The proposed change to the #33 will have a disastrous effect on riders of the bus. Currently the route is very good at providing a way for employees as well as students for Code 3 Inc., Christian Academy of Greater St. Louis, businesses and residences along that particular section for the Warson-Link section. No other route provides a convenient method for a much needed service. Please do not change the route. The current route is logical and very appreciated. The current service of the #33 is outstanding and will be extremely less than desirable if Bi-State continues with their proposed change for the #33. Please show that you care for us that truly depend on your service. Thank you.

  3. Matthew Hibbard says:

    J. Hayward and D. Johnson, thank you for providing your feedback regarding the August 22 service change, specifically as it relates to the #33 Dorsett-Lackland MetroBus route. We’ve gone ahead and sent your feedback to Metro’s Planning Department for further review. Remember, it’s feedback like this (among other things) that go into the changes we put fourth during our four Quarterly Service Changes each year. As for why we’re making these changes to the #33 route in the first place, that has a lot to do with how we best manage our resources across the entire MetroBus system. To make these decisions, we rely on numerous data points as well as current ridership trends. In the case of the #33, we’ve experienced low ridership on the current Warson-link route. In addition to declining ridership, we’ve received multiple request to serve Ashby and Midland, which includes more apartment complexes, single family homes and businesses. At this point, we’re confident this change will improve ridership on the #33 and make for a more productive route. That being said, we know change can be difficult to ease into and we want to keep hearing from you. You can do this by calling Customer Service at 314-982-1406 or by emailing us at [email protected].

  4. D. Johnson says:

    Thank you for your response. The reasoning of the change comes at a crucial sacrifice for the businesses, schools, single family homes and apartment complexes that the current #33 route serves. I believe that is the reason why the route is currently configured. With the proposed change, your current riders that depend on the excellent service of the route will be forced to walk 2 miles in an area that is very inhospitable to all pedestrians. Which is due to fact of speeding and reckless drivers, no sidewalks and time spent being exposed to harsh weather conditions. This is the beginning of school season, if children are made to experience the same hardship as adults that depend on the current route of the #33, then the possibility of an undesired result may occur. Bi-State did not provide any advance notification nor inquired with the current riders of their needs and concerns of the present service. We need the help of Bi-State for our needs. Your statement of lower ridership was only made true because of the previous service change regarding the re-route of the #33 from ‘Brown Road’ to ‘North and South Road’ and our local cycle of economy. We desperately need the powers-that-be (i.e. Route Planner) to disregard their proposal and keep the current #33 route.

  5. D. Johnson says:

    It is plain to see that you and Lance Peterson (Route Planner) of Bi-State are not interested in the problem that he is responsible for causing. It is a simple matter of adding the Midland-Ashby segment after the Warson-Link segment with a loop-back on the route of the #33. I don’t work for Bi-State, but I am certainly smart enough and have common sense to consider all concerns and possibilities that can affect customers. We need help. We have no alternative to walk two miles to get to work, school and home. Stop thinking in terms of solely money; think in terms satisfying everyone, it is not difficult to do.

    1. Matthew Hibbard says:

      D. Johnson, we do take into account customers’ concerns when it comes to planning for upcoming service changes. We’ve had numerous customer requests to shift the #33 Dorsett-Lackland MetroBus route over from Warson and Link to Ashby and Midland from customers who currently walk long distances. The Warson and Link stretch of the route has very low ridership. We believe we can increase the performance of this MetroBus route for customers by the proposed change. That being said, we’ll reevaluate this route based on customer comments (as well as others indicators) for our next Quarterly Service Change. Thanks again for providing your feedback.

    2. Matthew Hibbard says:

      D. Johnson, we’ve gone ahead and tweaked service to the #33 Dorsett-Lackland MetroBus route. We have decided to NOT change the #33 Dorsett-Lackland route, but instead modified only its schedule. For schedule information, go here:

  6. D. Johnson says:

    Thank you very much for your response in this important matter.

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