June 27, 2012

Reminder: Some Transit Fares Will Increase Starting This Sunday

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Metro Rider AlertJuly 1 will mark the beginning of the new fiscal year at Metro Transit and the implementation of a small fare increase on MetroBus and MetroLink. In May, the Metro Board of Commissioners approved the fare increase after conducting three public information sessions and a public hearing.

Metro is spending more money for fuel, vehicle parts, and other expenses that increase the cost of operating the Metro Transit system. Small fare increases were included as a key component of the region’s long range transit plan, Moving Transit Forward. That plan calls for raising fares by a small percentage approximately every two years to address the pressures of inflation on the region’s transit system, and to help ensure the long-term stability of public transit.

The increase is expected to generate an estimated two million dollars in passenger revenue for Fiscal Year 2013.




Metro base fares will not change. The MetroBus fare will remain at $2.00. The one-ride MetroLink fare will stay at $2.25 and the current $4.00 Metro Call‑A‑Ride fare will remain unchanged. Reduced cash fares for eligible seniors, children and customers with disabilities will also remain the same.

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