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April 16, 2010 | 7 Comments

Restoration 2010: Proposed Service Changes

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Drum roll please….here is the list of proposed transit service changes through the rest of 2010. The changes will come in three phases while we hire and train operator and procure more buses. Also, it allows for time for public comment and outreach.  Metro will be conducting public meetings and asking for feedback through May 10.

Next week, look for a post further examining the transit planning process during Restoration 2010, and how the events of the few years (service reductions, restorations, bus stop assessments, etc.) have allowed our planning department to better understand the transit market needs of the region. The transit service Metro will provide by the end of 2010 will look markedly different from that delivered in March 2009.  But its very important we receive input on the proposed changes and the needs of the community.

Please consider leaving us comments or attend one of the upcoming public meetings to let us know what you think.

(Scroll through the end of the presentation to see the proposed changes for specific routes.)

Metro Transit Restoration 2010 Presented 04 16 10

System Changes

7 thoughts on “Restoration 2010: Proposed Service Changes”

  1. Julie says:

    What about 66 and 33?

    Will 66 go back to a full schedule and will 33 go back to its original route?

    I mean those should be simple minor changes.

  2. Mark Edwards says:

    I’m a little confused. I don’t see anything in the plan about routes like 91, 258, and 58X. Does their not being in the plan mean there will be no changes to them or does it spell doom for the people who ride those routes? Also, what happened to the idea of some kind of route from the Ballas Transit Center to downtown?

    Overall, this looks like a good plan. Just wondering about these small items.

  3. RJ Koscielniak says:

    Will there be a route that runs on Big Bend between Shrewsbury and Clayton? Also, will train and bus frequency increase as new drivers are hired and new vehicles are acquired? One more thing, is there anyway to schedule an engagement meeting at Central West End for after-work hours? The first two meetings at CWE for the long-term plan were great, I’d like to see more than one meeting provided for city residents.

  4. Bob says:

    I was wondering about the 66 and 33 buses also.
    Sure hope they expand.

  5. RTBones says:


    Any chance we can get a peek at what the proposed routes and schedule timings (for new and changed services) would be? Perhaps a link on the website to a “proposed new routings” section?

    For example, it would be much easier to comment on the proposed 44/45 changes if I knew frequencies and where/when they were stopping.

  6. Andy ajgmets says:

    While the restoration plan is more than welcome and I understand that it takes time to “put the ducks in a row” it still seems that 6 months is a bit long to re=establish what was already in place. I also see no indication of restoring service to the south county General American/Met Life/Cigna Butler Hill & Tesson Ferry area. I look forward to learning more at the local meeting at Mehlville HS on 4/27.. Additionally I would support full service to the Cherokee corridor from Lemp to Grand.

    1. Courtney says:


      At this time we are not looking at restoring the South Grand Express that served all of this area due to low ridership. Also, the #46 Tesson Ferry that served the Shrewsbury Station had very low ridership, so it is not one of our proposed restored routes.

      We are looking at a route with limited service that could start at Shrewsbury Station serving River Des Peres, Mackenzie, Gravois, Lindbergh, Tesson Ferry, St. Anthony Hospital, General American, Bunker Hill, Lemay Ferry to South County Education Center. More information on proposed new routes and route changes will be featured all week on the blog.

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