May 20, 2011

Rider Alert: Construction Work Leads to Grand MetroLink Station Closure May 23 – June 5

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Construction work on the new Grand Boulevard Bridge will force the temporary closure of the Grand MetroLink Station starting next week. The station will be closed from Monday, May 23, 2011 through Sunday, June 5, 2011. The station will reopen on Monday, June 6. During the closure, the #70 Grand MetroBus will be rerouted to Union Station. All MetroLink customers who want to board the #70 Grand bus should get on the #70 Grand bus at the Union Station MetroLink Station, where the buses loaded at the start of bridge construction.

MetroLink trains will continue to travel through the Grand Bridge construction area, but trains will not stop at the Grand MetroLink Station from May 23rd through June 5th. The station will be shut down for the safety of Metro customers at times when construction work on the new bridge project occurs in close proximity to the MetroLink platform.

If you are traveling near the Grand Bridge construction project via MetroBus, you should allow an extra 15 minutes for the reroute around Grand.

5 thoughts on “Rider Alert: Construction Work Leads to Grand MetroLink Station Closure May 23 – June 5”

  1. Patrick D. Richmond says:


  2. Patrick D. Richmond says:

    This time lets keep the station closed until the ENTIRE project is finished. This is a safety issue. When the entire project is finished, then we can reopen it. When I was at the Ballas Transit Center, I saw the same thing. Opening the place up WAY too soon! A rider could have been injured.

  3. Sally says:

    On April 18, you posted a entry titled “Wednesday, April 20 Scott Avenue at Grand MetroLink Station to Close for 8 Weeks” to which I commented asking why bother to keep the Grand station open during construction. You indicated that you would ask customer service about this and respond back with an answer. Have you gotten any response back from them?

    1. Courtney says:

      The reason is to accommodate riders of the #70 Grand. Rerouting to Union Station causes understandably more time and resources, and can be less convenient for riders. However, we are collecting responses from riders like yourself and taking that into consideration. Obviously, safety is huge priority and concern.

  4. Kellie says:

    No, please don’t close it for the whole project. I ride the 70 Grand every day. I feel like I am homeless when I am rerouted all the time. Plus the time it takes keep going down grand with the Union Station reroute is mind blowing. Metro even put shelters on the Grand platform. So I feel safe in there. Ask the people getting on and off the 70 grand before you make the reroute permanent please.

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