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Safe Roads and Tracks for All St. Louis: Safety Tips and Advice for Sharing the Road and Respecting the Rails

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MetroBus #73 on Grand - Share the RoadWhether we are traveling by foot, by bike, by train or by road, we need to pay attention to safety. In cities like St. Louis where multimodal travel is common, it’s important for all of us to know and practice safety on roads and near train tracks. A liveable community is one that provides safe and convenient transportation to all citizens, and we all play a role in safe roads and tracks for the St. Louis region.

Recently, Metro Transit, Trailnet, and the Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) gathered with others to kick off the “Safe Roads for All” initiative to raise awareness about ways to safely share the road among drivers, cyclists and pedestrians on St. Louis area streets and roads. As MoDOT emphasized, pedestrians and bicyclists have primary responsibility for the their own safety, and motorized vehicles have a responsibility to share the road in a safe and courteous manner with more vulnerable road users.

If we all practice safety, we should arrive safely, however we travel. Let’s work together to make roads in the St. Louis region safe for all users.

Safety Tips for All Road Users

Safety Tips Near Buses

Chicago’s Department of Transportation and Transit Authority video on Bus and Bike Safety

Safety Tips Near Light Rail Tracks

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