February 22, 2012

Summary of MetroBus Quarterly Service Changes Coming March 12

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On March 12, Metro will go through its first quarterly service change of 2012. A summary of the changes, along with schedule and maps as needed, are provided below.

During these changes, some of the routes will be moving from a 30-minute frequency during some parts of the day (1-hour or so during other times) to a 40-minute frequency until after evening rush hour. These changes have a two-fold purpose: one, to create service levels that reflect available and anticipated funding resources. However, some of the benefit in moving to 40-minute frequency is creating a consistent, all-day headway, but also timing connections between routes and between MetroLink more efficiently.

As with all service adjustments, Metro will monitor customer feedback and make appropriate adjustments if needed.

Service Change Effective March 12, 2012

• The most significant impacts will be to customers who travel on the #30, #32, #40, #48, #49, #58, #158, #258 and #57X routes.

• Service levels are being adjusted to reflect current ridership needs and to maintain a service level that can be sustained. High unemployment rates and lower consumer spending continue to negatively impact ridership and funding.

The next Metro Service Change is scheduled to be implemented on March 12, 2012. Some of the changes taking place are responses to customer concerns about connectivity or running time issues (#40, #48, #49, #58, #158 and #258).
Other changes are adjustments to service levels and/or route configurations (#30, #32 and #57X).

#2 Red Line – Galleria time point has been removed from the Timetable. Schedule, Map.

#30 Soulard – The new routing will serve Market, Tucker, Washington Ave., 9th & 10th Street to Cass. This area is presently being served by the #32 ML King-Chouteau. Mid-day service between the hours of 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. will operate every 40 minutes. Running time adjustments will provide better on-time performance. Schedule, Map, Turning Directions.

#32 ML King-Chouteau – The new routing will serve 14th Street between Civic Center Station and Cass Ave. The #30 Soulard will provide service via Market, Tucker, Washington Ave., 9th & 10th Street to Cass. Running time adjustments will provide better on-time performance. Schedule, Map, Turning Directions.

#33 Dorsett – Lackland – Running time adjustments will provide better on-time performance to three westbound afternoon trips. Schedule.

#34 Earth City – Running time adjustments will provide better on-time performance in the Earth City Area. Schedule.

#36 Spanish Lake – The bus will only enter the Missouri Department of Social Services, North County Service Center on Seven Hills Dr. on weekdays, between the hours of 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Schedule.

#40 Broadway – Weekday service will operate every 40 minutes between Riverview Transit Center and Catalan Loop on weekdays from start of service to 6 p.m., then hourly to end of service. All trips will time connect with the #48 at Catalan Loop. The routing will be extended to provide service on Meramec between Broadway and Grand Ave. Schedule, Map, Turning Directions.

#48 South Lindbergh – Weekday trips will be adjusted to operate every 40 minutes from start of service to 6 p.m., then hourly to end of service. This will provide connections with the following buses at the Ballas Transit Center #49, #58, #158 and #258. Schedule.

#49 North Lindbergh – Weekday trips will be adjusted to operate every 40 minutes from start of service to 6 p.m., then hourly to end of service. This will provide connections with the following buses at the Ballas Transit Center #48, #58, #158 and #258. Schedule.

#58 Clayton Ballas –Weekday trips will be adjusted to operate every 40 minutes from start of service to 6 p.m., then hourly to end of service. This will provide connections with the following buses at the Ballas Transit Center #48, #49, #158 and #258. Route will provide service eastbound and westbound to Missouri Baptist Hospital. Schedule.

#64 Lucas Hunt – Two Weeknight trips will be adjusted to leave the Rock Road Station up to 5 minutes later. Schedule.

#90 Hampton – Selected short trips operating between Forest Park Station and Riverview Transit Center will be adjusted. Schedule.

#94 Page – The trip leaving Civic Center at 2:50 p.m. will not serve Schuetz Rd, the trip will continue west on Page Ave. Schedule.

#158 Ballas-West County – Weekday trips will be adjusted to operate every 40 minutes from start of service to 6 p.m., then hourly to end of service. This will provide connections with the following buses at the Ballas Transit Center #48, #49 #58 and #258. Schedule.

#258 Clayton-Chesterfield – Weekday trips will be adjusted to operate every 40 minutes from start of service to 6 p.m., then hourly to end of service. This will provide connections with the following buses at the Ballas Transit Center #48, #49, #58 and #158. Schedule.

#57X Clayton Rd Express – Running time adjustments to provide better on time performance. Six trips in the morning will be extended to serve the Central West End Station; four trips in the afternoon will start service at the Central West End Station. Schedule, Map, Turning Directions.

System Changes

29 thoughts on “Summary of MetroBus Quarterly Service Changes Coming March 12”

  1. Robin Gray says:

    I can’t believe you’re not changing the confusing mess of the two buses named #80 with completely different routes. Why not call the “Hill Route” #80 the #14 again?

    1. Courtney says:

      Robin, I’m not sure I understand. What do you mean that two buses are named #80? We have only one #80 route.

  2. Tony says:

    To give an example of what Robin is saying, there is an 80 that leaves the CWE at 6:01 or some similar time and goes to the Civic Center Station without making the loop through Maclind and Arsenal. Less than 10 minutes later (6:08 or so) there is another 80 that goes through The Hill via Maclind and Arsenal and heads straight back to the CWE.

    Maybe technically they aren’t two different routes if you consider the 6:08 simply making the loop back to the same spot and continuing on to Civic Center but to everyone else it would be much more simple as two different routes because while it may not be in theory, it is two different routes in practice as far as those of us riding are concerned.

    I learned the hard way one evening when I got on the 80 that leaves just after 6 without paying attention to the sign and ended up with a much farther walk home when it didn’t turn down Shaw as I was expecting. I paid a little more attention the next day and that is when I finally understood it all.

    1. Courtney says:

      Tony, David, and Robin, thank you very much for your comments. I’m going to pass them to our service planning department, and get some answers for you.

    2. Courtney says:

      Tony and David, I learned that the #30 and #32 are being changed due to the #32 not having enough operating time to keep bus on time. By taking the #32 off of 9th & 19th streets and having the #30 Soulard use 9th & 10th street we can keep the #32 on time.

      The #30 schedule will be changing to 40 minutes operating times has to due with low ridership and funding resources.

      The #40 is being changed so all trips will meet with the #48 at the Catalan Loop. They are working on a way to better distinguish between the #80 going to the CWE and the Hill. We will keep you updated on that!

  3. David Tucker says:

    I think you shouldn’t change the schedules for the #30, #32, #40, and #90. I wish you all @ Metro would stop always changing the schedules all around. Leave well and well alone. Why the need for these changes?

    Plus, in regards to Robin’s comment on the #80 Park-Shaw, I concur maybe calling it the Hill Route. Better yet, you should have kept the #14 Botanical Garden and called it the The Hill.

    Plus, You may want to adjust the eastbound trip schedule for the #57. It seems the bus doesn’t make it in time for those to catch the MetroLink @ the Maplewood-Manchester Station.

    Really, Metro, you really need to listen more to your customers before you just go and make changes. Learn to leave things alone. Keep the bus schedules running on a 30 minute schedule. Plus, don’t have the #40 run every hour after a certain time.

  4. RTBones says:

    Courtney –

    You’ve heard me say this before – but right now, I am amazed anyone rides with the number of times Metro changes schedules. It is absolutely horrid, and while I know your aim is to improve service, all you are doing is upsetting your current ridership, and chasing riders (and voters) like myself away. Could Metro -please- leave the schedules alone for more than 3 months?

    Me, I dislike the changes to the 32 and 30. It now means if I am taking the 32 with the intend to go towards the eastern portion of Washington Avenue, I now have to change buses at the nightmare that is Civic Center. What was once very convenient now adds a minimum of a four block walk.

  5. RTBones says:

    Courtney –

    Just a quick follow-up. While I don’t particularly care for the 30 and 32 changes, I do understand you have to do something to keep the buses on time. Four blocks (for me, anyway) is not all that much. For someone less mobile, however, it might be.

    I won’t be changing buses at Civic Center, though. If I do ride, I’ll take the 4 block walk. I haven’t looked at the new schedules closely, but I suspect I’ll be able to walk the 4 blocks and get to my destination before a change to the 30 would get me to where I would need to go.

    My experience using Metro with bus changes at Civic Center has rarely been pleasant. At busy times, buses can get stacked on 14th like wood on a pile, with riders milling around in a tangled mess. For the amount of buses that get routed through Civic Center, the station/interchange is poorly designed. Changing there is a hassle, particularly for riders that don’t use Metro all the time.

    I also don’t care for 40 minute headways – but that is an old discussion. I know you are trying to hit a budget number, especially given that you likely have routes with higher ridership that may need already scarce funding resources. But 40 minutes between buses, particularly when Metro doesn’t advertise their buses well, is hardly a way to attract riders to a struggling route.

    1. Courtney says:


      We are currently in the funding-finding level for a new downtown transit center, so the Civic Center station will likely be very redesigned, especially to accommodate more bus traffic. It is definitely difficult to accommodate all of the buses now.

  6. Patrick D. Richmond says:

    I have heard that the #58 will be going both ways on Clayton Road from Brentwood all the way to Ballas Road. And I heard that the #58 will be going all the way into Mercy Hospital. Now I could long remember when the #48 and the #49 was all one route and when the Ballas Transit Center was opened, the Lindbergh went out there via U.S. 40. But now ever since the sales tax was passed, the express service along 40 from South County was killed. I know that it does use a small portion of I-255. But why does it seem that the #48 South Lindbergh stays off of I-64? Now if the new routing does permit #48 to use the highway, then that’s great.

  7. david says:

    First you post a bunch of service cuts, then post that ridership is up 8%, not sure I get it.

  8. Patrick D. Richmond says:

    David, what happened was in 2009 came the severe service cuts due to the failure of the Prop M sales tax. Then Obama came up with some funding for temproarly restoring some routes. Then in the spring of 2010 Prop A passed and then came service restoration. Now we are restoring service and adding service.

    1. Courtney says:

      No, Patrick, the temporary funding came from various sources, but primarily FTA grants and state emergency funding.

  9. J. says:

    Uh, the 33 bus still has the 7:20 and 6:26 buses at Woodson/Lackland. This glaring error needs to be fixed already and by that I mean have the 7:20 bus run at 7:13 again.

    1. Courtney says:

      Julie, I’ll mention this to the planning department and I’ll see what I find out.

    2. Courtney says:

      Julie, the eastbound trip can only leave when the westbound trip arrives. These trips are set to MetroLink, so the westbound train arrives at 6:05pm and the the #33 leaves 6:15pm. Are you having trouble making connections?

  10. mike says:


    Your posted comment would be a great analysis—-if the end result of what you stated had actually happened…

    Also, for the record, the fundings for the temporary restored service were provided by the Feds through the FTA which was a more substantial amount, than what the state provided. Also worthy of noting, if I’m not mistaken, I believe the state actually reneged on a portion of their emergency funding, or at least had thoughts of doing so, after Prop A was passed. I’m not sure if they went through with it.

  11. Patrick D. Richmond says:

    I see. So when are we going to see the #48 return go going on I-64? I would love to see it enter at Lindbergh. So when are we going to see the bus go on I-64? Maybe during the summer schedule change or never? Because I enjoyed the express like service going down the highway. The interchange has improved big time and it should be even easier to get a bus onto I-64 at Lindbergh than ever before.

    1. Courtney says:

      Patrick, right now the #48 will not go back on I-64, but will continue to serve Missouri Baptist Hospital. I know you like the highway access, but it’s just not part of the route at this time.

      The #58 is mistakenly missing its route map, and I have contacted the planning department and we will have it up as soon as we can.

  12. Patrick D. Richmond says:

    Plus I see no map for the #58 that is to go into effect March 12th? Why waste tax payer money on secrecy of the map for that route? Because I hear that the line will go from Brentwood all the way to Ballas Road via Clayton Road and not make the turn at Spoede Road.

  13. Patrick D. Richmond says:

    Now to make good use of diesel fuel, have the buses that terminate at the Central West End at 7:06, 7:25, and 8:07 remain in service until they get to the Brentwood station. I know it would cost more to have those three morning buses terminating at the Central West End Station remain in service until they get to the Brentwood MetroLink station, but overall, you would get more riders. This line would provide additional service to the students also at Forest Park Community College. Especailly if they miss the #59.

  14. Patrick D. Richmond says:

    We voted for the Prop A sales tax for Metro and we expect to know each detail about each route change. And if there is a route change such as the #58 that will be going BOTH ways on Clayton Road from the Ballas Transit Center and the Clayton Transit Center to better serve Missouri Baptist Hospital, we tax payers expect to know the truth. And if we want more riders, then each route that plans to be changed has to be announced! I am talking about

  15. Patrick D. Richmond says:

    I am talking about ALL the routes. I accidently pressed Post Comment while in the middle of my sentence. But I care about the tax payers and those who want to ride the system.

  16. Patrick D. Richmond says:

    Well, ok. Then the only way I can access the highway is for me to go to Starbucks in Clayton, have my coffee and then, I can catch the #258 and get on the highway. And I assume the reason why I was talking constantly about the #58 and one of the comments got removed was of attempted harassment.

    1. Courtney says:

      No, just to keep the conversation moving, and we got the answer for your question. The #258 sounds like a good choice if you want to access the highway.

  17. J. says:

    I am talking about the morning buses. The only problem with the night buses is mostly that there are none after 7:00pm.

    But in the morning, there is a 50 minute gap at the Lackland/Woodson stop from the bus that runs at 6:26 and the 7:20 bus. The 7:20 bus is hitting it a little too close to the 7:40 train. Weather in St. Louis not to mention a busy bus has a knack for potentially causing 33 to be late.

    1. Courtney says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Julie. I will send back your response and see what I hear.

    2. Courtney says:

      Julie, according to Lance in the planning department, the #64 Lucas Hunt comes into the Rock Road Station at 5:23am and the #33 leaves on the westbound trip at 5:33am, and leaves the end of the line as soon as it gets there. So unfortunately we cannot speed the trip up at this time, but I know we have made note of your concerns, and maybe something that can be addressed later when schedules change around.

  18. Patrick D. Richmond says:

    I have a suspicion that someone in planning went and found out that I am one of the ambassadors at the airport and notified the police and I saw two different policemen buzzing by the airport MetroLink station on segways. If anyone called the police at the airport about me nosing about the #58 and posting about it on Facebook, I want the one who called the police to be fired. Because the detail on public route changes is public information. The map still hasn’t been published.

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