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August 14, 2009

Things to Love About St. Louis

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Welcome to the Loop sign, courtesy of the New York Times
Welcome to the Loop sign, courtesy of the New York Times

Because it’s Friday, I’m in the mood to share a little happy here. The other night I had a great evening out at the Delmar Loop. My friend and I met for beverages and dinner at Blueberry Hill, probably the most iconic destination on the Loop. Because it was a gorgeous night and the street was hoppin’, we strolled up and down, peering into shops and galleries, enjoying the crowd and the vibe.

Delmar Loop is one of those spots in St. Louis that really has a feeling of “place” – it has a character, it feels like a cohesive neighborhood. There’s no question that people are drawn to its glow like moths – there’s never a spot to park on the streets and usually the public parking is full, too. That’s a good reason to take MetroLink – the Delmar Loop station drops you off right at one end of the Loop, and you can make a whole evening of strolling up one side of the street and back down the other.

Blueberry Hill sign, courtesy of <a href=
Blueberry Hill sign, courtesy of Blueberry Hill

The street is packed with unusual and interesting sights, both in the stores and on the sidewalks – there is an abundance of public art, interestingly-dressed people, books and quirky knick-knacks for sale…even the business signs are nice to view. You can shop for furniture, gifts, or a computer; see a rock n roll legend in concert; eat fondue, Thai, sushi, or burgers; drink fresh-brewed root beer or elaborate coffee creations; drink a martini and try to bowl a few strikes; and spend hours flipping through old records.  What’s not to love about the Loop? And with this amazing summer weather we’re having, and open access to the Loop via MetroLink and Metro Bus, there’s always a fun evening to be had under the stars.

Chuck Berry's Walk of Fame Star, courtesy of <a href=
Chuck Berry’s Walk of Fame Star, courtesy of Blueberry Hill
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