March 18, 2011

Today is International Bus Driver Appreciation Day – Who Do You Appreciate?

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Two, four, six, eight…who do you appreciate? METROBUS DRIVERS!

Today is International Bus Driver Appreciation Day (thanks to the fine people at and our own Jennifer for bringing it to our attention!), and we’d love to take a moment at NextStop to say thank you to all the men and women who drive the buses (and trains and vans) that get us where we need to go.

Today’s date is significant in bus driver history as, according to Wired Magazine, it was the starting day of the first bus service in history, a horse-drawn carriage service in Paris, France.  Unfortunately, the carriages only served nobility and gentry, while peasants and other were not allowed to ride.  The service eventually went under, not to reappear until the 18th century among large cities throughout the world.

Today and the coming days would be a great time to say thank you, or ask about their day, or any other kind gesture that says you appreciate their hard work. Maybe you have a particular driver that you like, one that it more cheerful, says hello to everyone, or talks with the older woman who sits at the front of the bus.  Maybe a driver has been helpful to you in the past, giving you directions or helpful suggestions on getting around.  Or maybe you are just grateful for the solid and dependable driver that most commonly drives your regular route.  Say hello to your favorite drivers, and let them know that you appreciate them.

On a personal note, when I ride the bus home tonight, I will do just that.

Do you have any favorite drivers you would like to call out and appreciate?

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