November 1, 2010

Transit Riders Called to “Donate & Ride” with Metro-MERS/Goodwill Coat Drive

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Adella Jones from Metro is one of the first to donate a coat to the "Donate & Ride" program at North Hanley MetroLink Station

Now, this is one drive that all transit riders should get behind!

Metro and MERS/Goodwill, two of the Bi-State region’s largest organizations, are celebrating a 12-year working relationship and announced today the first “Donate & Ride” Coat Donation Drive to take place Nov. 1-30, 2010, at four of the MetroLink Park-Ride locations (Brentwood I-64, Fairview Heights, North Hanley and Shrewsbury). Through the “Donate & Ride” Coat Donation Drive, Metro and MERS/Goodwill aim to collect 4,000 coats in four weeks.

Can we do it St. Louis transit riders! Four thousands coats in 30 days! Let’s do this!

Metro President John Nations and MERS/Goodwill President Dr. Lewis Chartock speak about the "Donate & Ride" Program

“We are excited to further strengthen our relationship with Metro,” said Dr. Lewis Chartock, President and CEO of MERS/Goodwill. “Twelve years ago we began contracting employees to clean Metro’s Brentwood facility. Today, Metro is one of our largest contract employers, providing more than 100 full-time and part-time jobs. The majority of these contract employees have completed one or more of our job-training programs, which in turn are funded by our 40 retail locations that collect donated goods to support the community.”

Donate a coat. Someone else will get a reduced-price coat and yet someone else can receive job training. Win!

To participate in the Metro and MERS/Goodwill “Donate & Ride” Coat Donation Drive, visit the Brentwood I-64, Fairview Heights, North Hanley or Shrewsbury MetroLink Park-Ride locations. MERS/Goodwill donation bins will be conveniently located between parking lots and MetroLink platforms so that gently used coats and other apparel can easily be donated on the way to work, home, events, etc.

When you go to donate a coat, be sure to let us know!  Let’s show that transit riders are on board to “Donate & Ride” to those in need this winter season.

Dr. Chartock and Nations demonstrating how to use the donation bin. Only a few thousand to go!

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2 thoughts on “Transit Riders Called to “Donate & Ride” with Metro-MERS/Goodwill Coat Drive”

  1. Patrick Richmond says:

    That bus in the bottom picture looks neat. Reminds me of some of the buses we once had many, many years ago.

  2. Holly Davis says:

    Giving is a wonderful Blessing it’s better than receiving! Why aren’t we giving these items to people in need without charging a fee? I think the state has plenty of revenue. Should we do the same for the Public School Education here? Childern, Parents, and Teachers WIN when we give equality to all Americans. Metro has jobs and not educators? Interesting…

    Change is on the WAY!

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