November 24, 2010

Very Happy Thanksgiving Wishes From Nextstop!

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Here at Metro, we have many things to be thankful for this year.  On Nextstop, we want to extend our warmest gratitude and thanks to readers and fellow transit riders who read, comment, suggest and make us a better transit agency.  Thank you for all of your support and concerns, and most of all, thank you for riding transit.

We wish everyone a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving.  We wish you safe travels!


Fall 2010 Quarterly Service Changes will go into effect on Monday, November 29. Many MetroBus routes have slight time or route changes, so please plan your trip accordingly.  Information will be available on Google Transit by December 3, so please use Trip Finder in the interim.

On Thursday, November 25, MetroLink and MetroBus will run on a holiday schedule (Sunday timetable).  Friday, November 26 is regular weekday service.

The Holiday Magic Express will begin running on Friday, Nov. 26 at the start of service on the the Red Line as part of regular MetroLink service.  Please follow the blog and @STLMetro on Twitter for updates on station schedules and special holiday events.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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6 thoughts on “Very Happy Thanksgiving Wishes From Nextstop!”

  1. Dhampton says:

    You’re very welcome. Just a quick question, is there a certain person that I can discuss my suggestions and or complaints to. Maybe a name, number, and email address? Hope thanxgiving was nice, and I hope to see the Holiday train soon?

    -Thanx 🙂

    1. Courtney says:

      The Holiday Train is out and running as of Nov. 26. If you want to leave a complaint or suggestion, you can email [email protected] or call (314) 982-1406.

  2. Patrick Richmond says:

    Metro isn’t Metro unless it has it’s ambassadors to help it run right. We are thankful for God to create such talented guys to help out at the airport in giving the passengers the help they need!

  3. John Hunziker says:

    I had hoped that the new service changes would mean the return of the Old #11 Chippewa and the end of that abomination the # 21Watson. Because of the splitting of the #112 into two routes, a trip tha used to take 15 miniutes now takes an hour. Most of that time is spent in the cold and the dark waiting for the bus. I know Metro cares nothing for its riders, but this is really too much.

  4. John Hunziker says:

    Because of the “service” changes a fifteen miniute ride on the #11 Chippewa now takes almost an hour, most of is spent waiting for the #21 Watson, in the cold and the dark. Thanks for nothing Metro

    1. Courtney says:


      I’m very sorry to hear about your problems with the new service…but I can help get comments to our planners. Can you give me a rough estimate of where you pick up the #11 and #21, and at what time? It really does help to have concrete feedback, and I’ll do what I can.


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