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July 1, 2009

Walkable to MetroLink

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I was perusing some of the St. Louis-focused blogs today and saw several links to St. Louis real estate blogger Dawn Griffin, so I decided to click over and check her out. She’s provided a great service with a post called “Homes Under $200,000 Near MetroLink Stations.” She provides the listing for seven homes walkable to MetroLink, and the highest priced is $199k. While that’s sadly out of my current price range (of zero!), it’s nice to dream – and good to know that people are thinking about proximity to transit when making their purchasing decisions.

In fact, I think that’s probably a growing trend. There’s another site called Walk Score that covers 40 cities and gives a score based on walkability from a selected address. I tested the site by checking out the score for my old house in Portland, Oregon and it had a walkability score of 88 – amazingly high. (Though, since I lived there without a car, I would argue that the score really should be 100!)

The popularity and growth of sites like Walk Score indicates, to me, that more and more people are factoring transit into their big life decisions. So tell me – in your next move, will you factor in access to transit or other transportation-related concerns, when making your decision?

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